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Destiny: Crota’s End Loot Drops Guide

by William Schwartz


The first expansion to Bungie’s Destiny is now available and fans have gotten their hands on The Dark Below. However some of you might be wondering what kind of gear is in store for you at the end of the new level 30 raid. Well, we are here to help. The raid itself, Crota’s End, requires at least one player to be level 30 and be the party leader during the six man raid.


Below is all the available legendary armor drops from Crota’s End raid for each class. They all top out at around Light Level 36 and of course, if you manage to get them all you will reach the new cap of Level 32 Light. As with the previous raid, it will drop as you progress through each section of the raid and beat the end raid boss.

Warlock Raid Gear

Chest- Deathsinger’s Mantle

Helmet- Deathsinger’s Gaze

Gauntlets- Deathsinger’s Grip

Legs- Deathsinger’s Herald

Bond- Bone Circlet

Hunter Raid Gear

Chest- Relentless Harness

Helmet- Unyielding Casque

Gauntlets- Dogged Cage

Legs- Tireless Stride

Cloak- Shroud of Flies

Titan Raid Gear

Chest- Willbreaker’s Resolve

Helmet- Willbreaker’s Watch

Gauntlets- Willbreaker’s Grip

Legs- Willbreaker’s Greaves

Mark- Mark of the Pit


Finally there is the raid gear weapons that are also looped in as part of the drops during Crota’s End.

Abyss Defiant (Auto Rifle)
Aidolon Ally (Auto Rifle)
Word of Crota (Hand Cannon)
Oversoul Edict (Pulse Rifle)
Fang of Ir Yût (Scout Rifle)

Light of the Abyss (Fusion Rifle)
Swordbreaker (Shotgun)
Murmur (Fusion Rifle)

Song of Ir Yût (Machine Gun)
Hunger of Crota (Rocket Launcher)

If that isn’t enough and you want more Exotics than take a look at how to upgrade your exotics with the new expansion in our guide detailing how to do so. Also we have a guide on how to easily access a raid chest in Crota’s End which will help you get a good early chance at some of the equipment in this guide. Get out there and gear up!

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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