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Destruction AllStars Multiplayer Guide – How to Play With Friends

Jump into the newest PS+ game with your friends.

by Diego Perez


Destruction AllStars is the newest PlayStation Plus game, and it’s best played with friends in multiplayer. Because everyone gets this game for free on PlayStation 5 as long as they’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus, there won’t be any shortage of people to play with and you won’t have to convince your friends to buy the game. You can team up with your squad, unlock new items, and climb the ranks together. Here’s how to play Destruction AllStars multiplayer with friends.

How to Invite Friends

To invite friends in Destruction AllStars, you must first play through the initial tutorial. Once you reach the main menu, hold the touchpad to create a party. This will open a menu that will allow you to invite anyone from your friend list into your game. After everyone joins, you can select a game mode and start playing. If you need to make changes to the party, you can hold the touchpad at the main menu to manage or leave the party.

To recap, here’s how to invite friends in Destruction AllStars.

  1. Finish the tutorial.
  2. Create a party by holding the touchpad while at the main menu.
  3. Invite friends to the party.
  4. Select Carnado or Stockpile.


There are four online game modes available, but two of them are reserved for solo play. If you are in a party, you will only be able to play Carnado and Stockpile. These modes pit two teams of eight against one another, meaning there are 16 total players in each match. If you want to try out Mayhem or Gridfall, you have to be by yourself.

Does Destruction AllStars Have Split-Screen?

Destruction AllStars does not have split-screen multiplayer. There is no local multiplayer in the game at all. The only way to play with friends is online, and only certain modes support multiplayer parties.


Destruction AllStars Multiplayer Not Working

Being a PlayStation Plus title, Destruction AllStars is going to be played by a lot of people during the first week after launch. The servers might experience some issues during this time, which could result in disconnects or other problems. If you are encountering issues when trying to play online, visit the Lucid Games Twitter page for current information regarding server stability.

Destruction AllStars is available now on PlayStation 5.

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