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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide: How To Manage And Expand Your Inventory

by Mike Guarino


During you adventures in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided you will come across a lot of items to pick up, which will quickly fill up your initially small inventory space. While at first this can be aggravating as you regularly need to manage your inventory to make room for new things, if you focus on the right augmentations you can quickly have much more space so you don’t have to do this often. This guide will help you to do that.

Before even getting to the point where you can expand your inventory, you’ll first want to know the best way to handle the one you start off with. You’re given a set amount of space to deal with within a grid area, and each item you find will take up a certain amount of space within that grid. Weapons will take up the biggest chunks of your inventory, while other things like healing items or software take up far less. While the game will automatically put these items into your inventory, there are ways for you to squeeze out a little more room if you tinker around enough.

A way to do this is to organize what you have so that you don’t have any wasted space. Keep your weapons right next to each other so that they take up as little of the grid as possible, and move and rotate smaller items to fit into spaces that they might not have fit otherwise. It can take a little practice at first, but this is crucial for the early parts of the game when you have lots of weapons you can pick up but not enough inventory space to hold them all.

However, it’s with augmentations that will make your inventory far less limited, and these augmentations are contained within the Arms category. Once you’re in the Arms augmentation category you’ll want to scroll over to the skill set on the right, which offers 3 different upgrades for your Carry Capacity. The three Carry Capacity upgrades are 70KG, 90KG and 110KG, with the final one maxing out your possible inventory space. Each one of these augmentations will take one Praxis Point to improve, so if you play your cards right with Praxis Points then you can have more inventory space sooner rather than later into your campaign.

As long as you make sure that you upgrade your Carry Capacity early on then you’ll be able to have a nice arsenal of weapons on hand at all times, as well as numerous other items to help you out a long the way. If don’t currently have the Praxis Points to upgrade your Carry Capacity, then check out our guide on getting more by clicking right here.

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