DMZ Flight Risk Guide: Special Heavy Chopper Fuel Location

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by Gordon Bicker
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DMZ has an abundance of faction missions for you to work your way through and one of these is the Flight Risk mission for Shadow Company. It can be quite difficult to work out where to find the fuel you need for the mission and so many players will try to seek out where to go. This article will let you know the location of Special Heavy Chopper fuel in DMZ and how to complete the Flight Risk mission.

Best Way to Get Special Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ

The quickest way to get special heavy chopper fuel is to search the train(s) on Al-Mazrah similar to other mission items. I was able to find some of the fuel needed for the mission in less than five minutes by using this method. Some confusion for players may be caused by the fact it mentions “special” in the task description but it is just Heavy Chopper Fuel you need: it’s the same thing.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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A fast way to increase your chances of finding the fuel is to join a match, check the train for fuel, then leave and repeat if you can’t find any. There are other places to find some heavy chopper fuel but for simplicity, I recommend focusing on the train. Once you have the fuel, you will be prepared for the next step of the Flight Risk mission.

How to Refuel a Heavy Chopper in Warzone DMZ

In order to find a Heavy Chopper I recommend searching the Airport in Al-Mazrah (south-east on the map) after you have acquired some fuel. Once you have located any Heavy Chopper on the map, simply hop in, open up your inventory, and then hover over the fuel. From here you can choose to “Refuel” the Chopper. For example, the button prompt for refueling on PlayStation is square but the associated prompt will be visible on every other platform.

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Once you have successfully refueled the Heavy Chopper, all you need to do to complete Flight Risk is fly away outside of the map. I suggest just flying towards the ocean and eventually you will exfil and complete the mission. Now it’s time for you to go back into DMZ and get all of this done for yourself!

- This article was updated on August 31st, 2023

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