DMZ Quid Pro Quo Mission Guide | How to Get the Lunar Patrol Blueprint

Are you trying to get the Lunar Patrol Blueprint in DMZ?

by Gordon Bicker
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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ has a lot of faction missions to complete, and one mission that many will want to get to is the Quid Pro Quo mission. It is one of the Tier Three White Lotus missions and will reward players with the Lunar Patrol blueprint. This article will take you through how to complete Quid Pro Quo in DMZ to get the Lunar Patrol blueprint.

Quid Pro Quo Mission DMZ Walkthrough

The White Lotus has plenty of faction missions that can take a bit of work to complete but I know there are also some which are quick when you know what to do. One of these missions is the aforementioned Quid Pro Quo mission, and you get a great blueprint for completion. Split up below are all the steps you have to complete for Quid Pro Quo and relevant map images for you to follow.

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Call in the LTV Vehicle Drop Behind the Castle in Vondel

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Your first step of the mission is to call in an LTV behind the Castle on Vondel — every mission step takes place in Vondel for Quid Pro Quo. Shown on the map above with the ping marker is where you should travel to. When there you will notice blue flare smoke and if you go near it, you can interact with it. Be sure to do this and then the LTV will be called in.

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I recommend watching the nearby courtyard while the LTV is getting called in since enemies are already spawned around this area — they can put a quick halt to your plans if you are spotted and eliminated while waiting.

Drive the LTV to the “Flea Market”

  • Flea-Market-on-Map-image-DMZ
  • DMZ-Market-LTV-Location

This step can be confusing for some because the wording of the actual mission step mentions “Flea Market” when in reality on the map the area is just called “Market”. All you have to do is drive your LTV from the Castle to the Market area. Once you have seen the “Market” UI pop-up appear on the screen, you have now completed that step.

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Drive the LTV to the Fire Station

  • Fire-Department-on-Map-image-DMZ
  • DMZ-Fire-Department-LTV-Location

I am happy to tell you that only one step remains now for the Quid Pro Quo mission but you will need to make sure you complete this step in the same run. After you have driven to the Market, travel to the Fire Department which is northwest of the Zoo location with your LTV. Once again, when you are in the general Fire Department area, the mission will be complete.

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That is all there is to unlock the Lunar Patrol Blueprint, now you can start working through any other Faction missions you have.

- This article was updated on July 25th, 2023

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