Does Pokemon Stadium Have a Storyline? Explained

Is there a story to follow?

by Christian Bognar
Pokemon Stadium Nintendo 64
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Pokemon Stadium, a game from Nintendo 64, has officially hit Nintendo Switch Online. Fans love battling their Pokemon all over again and feel nostalgic as this game was the first Pokemon entry to bring the creatures into a 3D form. It is still as great now as it was back when it was released in 1999, but some players seem to forget whether the game has an official storyline to follow. With most of the Pokemon games having storylines, does Pokemon Stadium also have one? — We have the answer for you.

Does Pokemon Stadium Have a Storyline to Follow?

Unfortunately, Pokemon Stadium does not have a storyline to dive into. In replacing a story, the game’s primary focus is to bring the best battle experience through significant stadium battles, fun mini-games, and an overall excellent gameplay experience. The same goes for its sequel, which was released on the same console the following year.

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While this can be a bummer for players looking for a more personal approach to the Pokemon series, it is still well worth playing. There is still a goal to follow — even if it isn’t a storyline— since players can win trophies and participate in tournaments to become the top Pokemon Trainer. So even if you can’t follow a storyline in Pokemon Stadium, you can instead follow your badge collection, how well you do in the battles, and tournaments against other players.

So while the game may slip in the story category, there is still a bunch to look forward to in this Pokemon entry. As you dive into Pokemon Stadium all over again on the Nintendo Switch, check out our list for the best rental Pokemon in the game. Some of these Pokemon can make all the difference in how well you do in the tournaments, and the list consists of classics such as Zapdos, Jolteon, and Nidoqueen!

- This article was updated on April 14th, 2023

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