Does Race Matter in Guild Wars 2? Explained

It matters to a certain extent.

by Christian Bognar
Image: ArenaNet

Does race matter in Guild Wars 2? That is the question, and the game gives the player little to no detail about the answer. Like many RPGs, the beginning of Guild Wars 2 features a character creation system where players can customize their character drastically before stepping into the world of Tyria. One of these customization steps is selecting a race — so let’s examine whether race will affect your playthrough.

How Does Race Affect Gameplay in Guild Wars 2?

In short, yes, race does affect how Guild Wars 2 turns out but not dramatically. For example, your race will obviously change how you look inside the game but will also affect the starting location of your playthrough in Tyria. Also, depending on your chosen race, NPCs will talk to you differently and offer different side quests than that of another race.

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For the differences that race does make, it can be looked at in a good way considering every playthrough will feel a little bit different than the last. This will allow players to select a separate race for a second playthrough and have access to unique quests and unique interactions with NPCs. It has the potential to add to the role-playing aspects of the game.

What Race Doesn’t Affect in Guild Wars 2

What your race does not affect in Guild Wars 2 is your character’s starting stats and the choice of profession. This is excellent news for players with a particular race and profession in mind, so they have some leeway to play the game how they would like. Also, race has nothing to do with your character’s proficiency in crafting skills — an important tool to succeed in the game.

That is all players need to know regarding choosing race at the beginning of the game. Have fun and experiment to determine which race works best for you! Guild Wars 2 have been out for some time now, but it is still free to play, so if you haven’t made the leap — try it out with nothing out of your pocket.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023