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Dragon Quest Builders 2 How to Access Photo Mode

by William Schwartz


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is all about creating and sometimes you want to share those creations with the world.  There is an in-game photo mode which allows you to take pictures of your world at any time.  You can access photo mode in Dragon Quest Builders 2 by heading into the main pause menu.

Pressing options or the + button the Nintendo Switch you can open the menu, and at this point you’ll want to press the Triangle or X Button to access Snapshot Mode.  Once you’re in Snapshot Mode you have a variety of different camera options at your disposal.  You can change things like position, camera roll, character expressions, gaze and more.

To take a picture in Photo Mode you will press the X button on PS4 or the B Button the Switch.  Once you’ve taken a picture you’ll be able to change things like focus, blur, focal point, and filter.  Once you’ve selected these options you can then save your picture by pressing the X Button or B Button once again.

To see all of your pictures you can access your uploaded snapshots by pressing the Triangle/X Button while in photo snapshot mode.

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