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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Find Lots Of Bark

Normal trees will not be able to help you out.

by Dean James


There are near countless numbers of different items to collect in Dragon Quest Builders 2, some you can find out in the wild and others you have to build. Some of these can definitely be easier than others to find, with some missions leaving you scratching your head for a bit on how to find more of a certain materials. One of those very materials is that of bark and this guide will give you the best location to obtain bark in the game.

How To Find Lots of Bark in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Bark is a material that you will need to find eventually in Dragon Quest Builders 2, with it being a central part of a blueprint that you need to continue in the game. Without spoiling any details, you will need a lot of bark specifically in the Sowing the Seeds of Success mission in the game. To be exact, you’re going to need 231 blocks of bark.

When you think of bark, you’d assume that this means you need to go chop down a bunch of trees. However, that is not going to help you here. The regular trees you come across in the game will instead only provide you with wood when destroyed, which will not work. We specifically need blocks of bark.

There’s more than one spot in Dragon Quest Builders 2 to obtain bark, but the one we are about to show you is definitely one of the best and most efficient options at this point of the game.


As you can see on the map above, you’re going to want to go to where the yellow square icon is located, which is most easily reached by warping to the Ruined Church and heading southwest. Rather than regular trees, you’re going to actually find trees here that are built out of bark blocks and leaves.

You could just break down the very bottom of these trees to get some bark, but that would mean the rest of the tree would be mostly inaccessible without stacking your own blocks around it. Instead, try to start climbing the tree, though you will probably need a few blocks to move up along the way.

When you get the leaves, you can knock these away by just swinging your weapon, but you can also use them to stand on. Your best bet is to climb up as high in the tree as you can to where bark is still present and start using your hammer to smash away. The Big Bash can also be quite useful here, though be careful to not create a hole and fall down to where you can’t get back up too easily.

There are a lot of these trees here, which is good considering the blocks do not respawn or anything in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Get the bark you need and feel free to come back in the game when you need it again, as it’s unlikely this blueprint is the only time you’ll need it in the game.

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