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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Level Up Your Base

Handled a bit differently than the first game.

by Dean James


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is once again a great mix of exploring and building, with the game gradually letting you build more and more advanced areas the more you play the game. Your base is the hub for each area that you are tasked with building up as much as you can, but you must also work to level up the base itself as well beyond just creating new structures. This guide will explain how you can level up your base.

How To Level Up Your Base In Dragon Quest Builders 2

Once you make it to Furrowfield, you will reach your first base in the game that you must build up. Not only do you need to complete the missions in these bases to progress the story, but you also need to raise the level of the base itself. Unlike the first game that had a specific XP level you had to earn for a base by adding items, the base level system revolves around hearts in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

We already have a guide specifically focused on what the hearts are and how to get them in the game, but these are tracked with a meter near the top of the screen. When you collect the amount requested, you must then go to the bell in the town and ring it. This doesn’t just mean to strike it with your sword, which will just bring all of your townsfolk to it. Instead, interact with the bell to ring it and this will lead to the base being upgraded to the next level.

Upgrading the base will not only help you progress the story in some parts, but also provides you with many more options of items and such. Each of these bases starts at level 0, with the max level being four. This means it is pretty important to work towards earning the hearts in the game and leveling up the base as quickly as you can.

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