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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Pet A Dog

Every in-game doggo deserves a good petting.

by Dean James


Dragon Quest Builders 2 adds a number of new features that are really brought to the forefront, such as a focus on farming in the game. Another inclusion that might not seem so important, but is guaranteed to bring people enjoyment is the ability to befriend a dog and pet it whenever you want. You can’t just go up and easily pet the dog initially by interacting with it, as there is a strategy that comes with it. This guide will reveal just how you can go about doing just that.

How To Pet A Dog In Dragon Quest Builders 2

The first time you come across a dog in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is part of a mission that leads to you getting your first Sugar Cane seeds. This dog shows up and instantly has you following after it. After this mission however, you must befriend the dog within your base.

To do this, start off by finding the dog somewhere in your base, with it likely being around the Deitree. Once you find the dog, start to approach the dog from behind, but make sure to do so very slowly by pushing the left analog stick very gently. Once you are close enough to touch the dog, press A on Nintendo Switch to reach out and do so.

At this point, the dog will join your party and you will have the opportunity to name what we learn is a female dog. After this point, you can go up to your dog in your town at pretty much anytime and pet her, so make sure not to neglect your new pet!

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