Dune: Spice Wars: Should You Liberate or Pillage Villages

Find out which is the best plan of action in Dune: Spice Wars

by Shaun Cichacki


While you are in the world of Dune: Spice Wars, you’ll need to take over villages, work with diplomacy, and harvest as much spice as you can to make sure that you are the king or queen of the castle. As you make your way through the beginning turns, you’ll be able to start creating military units, which you can use to fight for new villages, conquer your opponents and continue on your conquest of victory.

But, as you take over a village, you’ll have a few different options of what you would like to do with it. You’ll be able to Liberate the village, allowing you to take it under your wing, and continue growing your empire, or you’ll be able to Pillage it, taking valuable items and more, but leaving it open for the taking by a rival faction. Which should you do? Follow along with us, as we dive into the pros and cons of each of these situations!

Dune: Spice Wars – Liberate or Pillage a Village?


When starting, you’ll need to start working on creating a military unit as quickly as possible, so you can begin the expansion of your new empire. However, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough power to take down a village, while also finding out if it’s worth your time and effort to make it part of your new conquest.

By panning through the map with the WASD keys or pressing and holding the middle mouse button, you’ll be able to look around your general area. Using the Ornithopters, you’ll start to scout out and see what is in the fog surrounding you, and more often than not, you’ll come across a new village. Checking into the details of what these villages may have for you is very simple.

You’ll be able to see things about the village by simply left clicking on them, and you’ll find out general information in regards to what they may have that could benefit you. Certain Villages may have excellent Wind Strength, which could help you out tremendously in the production of more Water. Water is extremely valuable, as it will allow you to take over more areas, get more military, and more.

Checking into the stats will be the most important part, as you may see specific items that can only be harvested by your faction. If you are playing as the Fremen, for example, you’ll find specific items that only you can harvest, so taking this town would be important. However, if you are playing as a different faction, taking this town will prevent them from getting those materials, so it would be to your benefit to stop them.

You’ll be able to attack other factions’ towns to take them over if you have the manpower to do so. At this point, you’ll be able to choose to Liberate, Pillage, or Turn Neutral, making it back to its original form.

When Liberating a town or village, you’ll want to make sure you have enough Solari and Materials to handle them, otherwise, you will begin to go into a deficit and lose respect from the Imperials, and make you slide away from a diplomatic win. However, if you are short on materials and want to get them in the future, you could always Pillage, taking Solari, Materials, and more from them, and make it an easier target for your next raid.

You’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of the situation out in your mind before taking these villages, but we can say, if there is a spice field around, do your best to Liberate them and take the Spice Field, as it will give you a great advantage in the future. 

Dune: Spice Wars will be available for Early Access on April 26th for PC.

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