Dying Light 2: Ask Juan for Help, Threaten Juan, or Convince Juan?

Can You Coerce Juan To Help You Before The Drink Sit Down?

by Charles Cleveland


In Dying Light 2 Juan is a slippery supply snake of a man you will need to do business with and his initial conversation will have several choices when trying to coerce him. When you are on the main story quest “Welcome On Board” you will be faced with a slew of choices and people to talk with. After you are confronted by Jack who states that you both have the common enemy, Waltz, the Butcher’s right-hand man. As you agree with this things move forward to talking to Juan.

After tracking down Juan to try and get more information on the main quest you will be prompted by 3 choices for how to proceed with the conversation. “Ask Juan for help,” “Threaten Juan,” or “Convince Juan.” So, a player may be anxious about what choice is the best to proceed with, as Juan has an intimidating presence and it is not clear which choice will get you what you want.

Many of the quests in Dying Light 2 are so full of these conversation choices, so let’s go over what each of Juan’s conversations gets you:

Ask Juan for help

Juan is a clever man and even though you try to disguise your question by asking about help with lamps, he is clever and sees right through it. He will question whether you actually need the lamps or if Jack needs them, which makes Aiden start to stumble over his words. Juan will then sense your insecurity and begin to flirt with you, suggesting you try harder. If this is your first choice this will not prevent you from trying one of the other conversations.

Threaten Juan

Juan is not intimidated at all, not because of his own strength, but because of his position in society. He begins to list all of the services and supplies he provides the big factions. He knows he is too useful and powerful to be threatened. Waiving off your threat he asks you to “try again man, and don’t improvise this time.” Again both conversation possibilities will reappear.

Convince Juan

Big surprise! This conversation will not convince Juan either. Trying to convince him you are capable enough to be useful to him simply frustrates Juan. Whether this is your first or last choice he will end the conversations here. Once you have exhausted all the choices your quest is over as there is no way to please him for now.


After these conversations, Juan’s interest in you is certainly piqued, but there will be no furthering of his story until a bit later. Eventually, he will sit with you and inquire more about these lights you need for Jack. At this point Juan will offer you a drink as a sign of friendship, accept the drink or refuse it at your own discretion depending on who you want to help.

Just know that these conversations are better for immersion and how you want Aiden to be perceived, although he sort of gets punked no matter the choice.

Dying Light 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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