Dying Light 2 Black Widow: All Choices and Outcomes

Find out if Elena is actually a murderer.

by Elliott Gatica


The Black Widow is a choice-based sidequest in Dying Light 2 where a girl by the name of Jolly is afraid that some woman named Elena was going to swindle her father out of all of his money and eventually his life. She asks you if you can help her figure out why Elena’s past suitors have all died after being romantically involved with her. As you accept the quest, you’ll have some things to do. Here are all the choices and outcomes in the Black Widow quest in Dying Light 2.

The Black Widow quest choices in Dying Light 2

First, you’ll have to head over to the Fish Eye Canteen at night and look for a man named Josh. According to Jolly, he’s the only one who hooked up with Elena and was able to not succumb to the string of deaths she has under her name. When you find out about his whereabouts, the people at the Canteen tell you he drinks away from the bar, because he’s not a pleasant patron.

You’ll find him across another building, cooped up in a shed hiding from the infected. Take care of them to clear your way in. You meet Josh, who slowly opens up to you after you help defend him against the infected. He’ll give you more evidence to make you believe that Elena has been poisoning people. Once you get that bit of info, go back to the Wharf and break into her room via lockpick.


As you get into her quarters, you’ll start to search her room, eventually finding a bottle of what you may suspect is poison. You are caught in the act and she tries to harm you, but right as this tense situation hits a possibly grim turn, Meyer barges in and question what’s going on. So, what do you do?

Elena poisons people.

If you choose this option, Elena will be taken away by the guards and summarily hanged for the deaths of the men she allegedly poisoned. Jolly will be grateful for making sure she doesn’t do anything to harm her dad.

It’s nothing, officers.


This option will extend the quest. In the event that you spare Elena, she tells you that the contents of the bottle are for medicinal purposes. However, you’ll need to prove that this isn’t poison. You’ll have to find the Plague Witch, Baba, of all people to prove the contents are not poison. Once you find the Baba, she has you looking for reagents in a cathedral to prove whatever the contents are in this bottle. This requires some lockpicking to do in a contaminated area, so beware.

It turns out these are antibiotics! Now that you know this, you have to go back to where Elena is being held in captivity in her jail cell. Another tense moment occurs here. To prove that Elena didn’t poison these men, Meyer has you take the contents of the bottle yourself.


Do you drink the contents of the bottle or not?

If you choose to prove Elena’s innocence by drinking the bottle, she’ll be set free. Jolly will not be pleased with this decision.

If you choose not to after going through the trouble to prove its contents, she’ll be punished for her crimes. Jolly will have the same reaction she had if you had sided with her initially.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. A Nintendo Switch port is due for release later this year in 2022.

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