Dying Light 2: How to Improve Your Lockpicking

All it takes is some sleight of hand and patience.

by Elliott Gatica


Lockpicking is another big thing in Dying Light 2. It’s something that’ll get you into locked rooms and get the goodies that are inside locked crates. Since resources are rather scarce in a post-apocalyptic setting, you want to find as many useful items as possible. In the case of lockpicking, it can be stressful to open a lock, especially when you have constant swarms of enemies coming at you. So, here is how you can improve lockpicking in Dying Light 2.

How to improve lockpicking in Dying Light 2

To improve lockpicking, you can either do so by using a controller with rumble enabled or by upgrading your lockpicks.

Controller rumble method

If you’re playing Dying Light 2 on console or decide to use a controller on PC, have rumble enabled. When you find a chest or door that needs to be lockpicked to get inside, you’ll then be tasked with the minigame to do so.


Rotate the lockpick with one stick and use the screwdriver with the other stick to start rotating the lock. Very gently, start twisting the lock. If your controller vibrates, release the sticks immediately. Twisting at full force will almost instantly break your lockpick. Keep playing around with the pick on the top of the keyhole until your controller vibrates less. The key is to go through it slowly to not waste the other lockpicks you have.

Upgrading your lockpicks

If you’re more on the impatient side or can’t release sticks fast enough, you can upgrade your lockpicks for better durability and cracking open easier-leveled locks. You have to find a Craftmaster who can upgrade the lockpick blueprint for you. The location/hub of where the Craftmaster is does not matter.

You’re going to need Infected Trophies of different rarities as you start unlocking the higher levels of your lockpick.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 2nd, 2022

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