Dying Light 2: How to Upgrade Blueprints

Get better craftables early!

by Elliott Gatica


As you progress through Dying Light 2’s rich open world of never-ending conflict and worthwhile side objectives, your level will naturally increase. When this happens, the difficulty will scale with your level, requiring you to have better items. You’ll need to have better healing since enemies will hit harder, and in some cases, there will be new variants roaming about. Crafting is a big and needed aspect of the game, and you can improve that. Here is how to upgrade your crafting blueprints in Dying Light 2.

How to upgrade blueprints in Dying Light 2

Blueprints for crafting items like medicine, lockpicks, Molotov cocktails, and more can be upgraded by visiting a Craftmaster. You can choose to either buy accessories from them, get crafting materials, or upgrade.

Picking the “upgrade” tab while in their menu gives you access to upgrading your blueprints. You can even upgrade weapons mods by the part, making this a very useful thing as you get better loot. An important thing to note is that Old World Money is not used to upgrade blueprints in their earlier levels.


You will need a variety of different Infected trophies, ranging from their tiered rarities of Uncommon, Rare, and Unique to trade with a Craftmaster. Exchange the items if you have enough to upgrade your blueprints. As you progress in the later upgrade levels, you will then need to have some Old World Money to fork up.

Old World Money will be passively gained as you loot bodies, open chests, and complete side objectives in Dying Light 2. As for the Infected Trophies, however, you’ll need to engage tougher enemies like the Revenants at the GRE Anomalies, or the brutes you encounter as early as The Arrival story quest.

There is a reward for taking on bigger foes, and they should be tackled as soon as possible so you can have better gear as you progress through the game.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 2nd, 2022

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