Dying Light 2 Crystal White: Should You Tell the Chemist What His Son Did?

Crystal White: Will You Help Restore This Family?

by Charles Cleveland


In Dying Light 2 you can begin the Crystal White side quest right after activating the Hickory Windmill. A man named Pierre will give you the quest and he will appear at the Bakery settlement in the Garrison Zone. Pierre is a chemist who is being abused by the Renegades as they kidnapped his son, Rook, as a hostage to force Pierre into continue making them drugs. After you talk to Pierre and give him sympathy the map marker will appear letting you know where you can go teach those Renegades a lesson.

Once you enter the hideout make sure that you kill all of the Renegades on the first floor as you don’t want them ganging up on you in higher floors. Once you get through the first floor get to the upper floor by using the elevator shaft that is across from the hole you used to infiltrate the hideout. Proceed to kill the Renegades here and then track the map marker until you find Rook.

As you supposedly free Rook and talk to him. Here is where things get interesting. Rook confesses to you that he was never actually kidnapped and has in-fact been working alongside the Renegades the whole time. At this point Pierre will come in and one of Dying Light 2’s famous side quest fork in the road choices need to be made. Do you tell the chemist his son’s confession or not?


Tell The Chemist

Telling the chemist what his son did will make an angsty Rook explain in even greater detail what and why he did what he did. That said Pierre will treat his son with incredible forgiveness and in an act of fatherly compassion, take his son home.

Don’t Tell The Chemist

If you don’t tell the chemist what his son did, then Rook will simply mutter, “Whatever…” and willingly return home with a clueless but thankful Pierre.

While, admittedly neither of these choices in Crystal White impact any future quests or even have a big impact on the character affected by the quest, it does add a beautiful element of ownership to the quest. Ultimately it is what you, the player, feel is the right decision. That said the outcome is more rewarding in dialogue and story if you tell Pierre the truth. Dying light is available now on PC, Ps4/5, Xbox Series X/S/One.

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