Dying Light 2: The Runaways Quest Guide – All Outcomes

Let's Make Important Life Choices For People We Barely Know!

by Charles Cleveland


The Runaways side quest is a short side quest in Dying Light 2 that allows you to make some pretty impactful choices in other people’s lives with just a single sentence.

In order to begin the Runaways questline, go to the GRE containment area north of the Bazaar. Check out the map below for the exact location. When jumping down to where the shipping containers are you will be surrounded by low level infected, kill them all. Afterwards open the container door to meet Wash and this will activate the quest. Wash will be a bit wary of you but is ultimately grateful to have been saved by the now dead infected. After a bit of prying, you learn that he was supposed to meet a girl named Chloe who lives just outside the Bazaar. She never showed up for their meeting and their original intention was to runaway to the outside world. He asks for your help in finding her and while Wash checks out her place you are asked to see if she is at her friend Liz’s house.


Liz’s house will mark itself on the map and when you get there you will notice that the infected have made it inside her house. As you kill the infected and search for the girls you find that Liz has barricaded herself in a room and once all is clear she will let you in. She tries to convince you that Chloe is gone and that they intend to runaway together without Wash.

At that moment Wash waltzes in like a lover chasing down their partner at an airport. He informs you that the woman you are talking to is actually Chloe and you learn that there is some discrepancy between Chloe and Wash about him being a Peacekeeper. Wash will then turn to you and ask for your opinion on what the best course of action would be. THIS is when the choices are to be made:

“Wash is right.”

You explain that the only way Chloe and Liz will survive outside the walls is by accepting the help of Wash. While the girls certainly have an issue with him being a Peacekeeper you explain that Wash is willing to desert for only the chance to protect her and that this act should mean something. Chloe will ultimately accept Wash and the two waits for Liz to come back from her last-minute preparations.

“Chloe should do what she wants.”

You tell Wash that the girls have made their decision and he should leave with you instead. This obviously pisses Wash off and he begins to furiously explain to Chloe how they need him. After she repeatedly shuts him down, he ruins any miniscule chance of redemption by saying that they are just “Two women” and that he is a soldier. This prompts the best line in the quest, where Aiden says “Oof. Bad move Wash. Very bad move.” Chloe finally begins to storm out and Wash blames everything on you.

“Everyone dies outside the walls.”

Finally, you can explain that it doesn’t matter whether it is 2 or 3 people or 2 girls and 1 guy, everyone dies outside the walls. Life may be bad, but at least inside them death is not certain. As Chloe begins to realize that you are right, and the plan is incredibly stupid she begins to explain that if she is staying, she never wants to see Wash again. She has a very big issue with the fact that he is a peacekeeper, and, in this conversation, no one brings up the fact that Wash was more than willing to leave all of that behind for her. Chloe puts a dagger through his heart with the line “You were only a means to an end Wash. If we are staying… Then that’s the end.” Wash, of course angry, but not necessarily as furious as in the previous answer blames all of this on you and storms out of the house.

These are the three possible ending choices for The Runaways side quest explained. It’s up to you to choose, but “Everyone dies” sounds like a great option as this duo or trio have no hope of survival outside the walls.

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