Dying Light 2 Nightrunners Choice: Should You Fight Hakon or Not?

Nightrunners: The Moment of Truth, Kill Hakon or Can Save Him?

by Charles Cleveland


Dying Light 2’s Nightrunners main story quest leads you to an epic conclusion to Hakon’s story. Or does it? At the end of this quest you will have to make some very impactful story choices that will help affect your ending. While there is a lot of build up to this part of the quest most of it is similar to the other basic quests; talk to someone, fight infected, grab a thing, repeat. So, we will  start towards the end of the Nightrunners quest, when Aiden is tasked to go meet Hakon.

Nightrunners Quest: Meeting Hakon

After a long string of quests, Hakon will contact Aiden. He will ask for you to meet him at the Church on Saint Paul Island. When you finally make your way over to the church there is a way t0 get inside by the west corner of the building. The entrance will be near a burning barrel outside an open door.


After following the quest marker the rest of the way inside you will be confronted by Hakon. It turns out that he did not intend to have the happy chat he promised and instead only wants the GRE key that you possess. You are then given two dialogue items although neither of them matter much: “Come on, Hakon, you know it’s too important.” or “You won’t get it without a fight.”

While the choices result in the same ending of Hakon sending Renegades to fight you, “Come on…” is the best one in terms of dialogue. Hakon will say you were both never friends and there is a solid conversation that leads into him demanding the Renegades take the key from you.

Pursuing Hakon

After you take care of the initial three Renegades and begin to chase after Hakon you will be confronted by several more. When all of them are dead Hakon will reappear downstairs. Go over and speak with him again.

Aiden will express his surprise that Hakon would actually try to have him killed for the key. “So many people have died already, you cannot stop the wheel from turning now.” is Hakon’s response, and he lets you know that he still wants the key. Hakon attacks you, but he is unsurprisingly pathetic. You can easily dodge any of his attacks and he gets dropped fairly quickly. However, when you bring him down you will pass out and he will use this chance to escape.

To find Hakon, you need to the upper section of the Church. Jump from the middle walkway up to the balcony with the red fabric hanging from it. When you do find him again the two of you will have a very insightful conversation about why he has done the deeds he has and why he decided to follow Waltz. Without warning however, he will knock you back down to the first floor and you will once again have to fight him. This time you will kill Hakon and need to leave the church.

Nightrunners Choice


Whoops, just kidding. Hakon is still alive somehow.

As you leave the church Hakon will pursue you, admittedly being pretty banged up, he still has his murderous intentions. You now get another choice, but what occurs here is dependent on your prior story choices and how you played the game up until now. Your two choices are: “Lets not fight.” or “Come any closer, and I’ll have no choice.”

Let’s Not Fight

If you helped Hakon all the way back in Revolution or Into the Dark and also completed the side quest Siper’s Alley, then choosing “Let’s not fight” can result in Hakon backing down. If you didn’t choose to help Hakon then Hakon attacks again, resulting in you killing him for good.

Come Any Closer, and I’ll Have No Choice

If you choose “Come any closer, and I’ll have no choice.”, then Hakon attacks again, resulting in you killing him for good.

Lawan’s Revenge

Assuming that you did all the prerequisites and convince Hakon to back down, then Lawan will appear, wanting to kill Hakon herself.


Do What You Need To Do

If you select “Do what you need to do.”, then Lawan kills Hakon herself. This is clearly the bad choice ending because it results in Hakon dying and then Lawan doesn’t become a Nightrunner. Especially after Hakon explained to you just how he was manipulated it is a shame to see this result as it does not benefit anybody. Even Lawan, who, after murdering Hakon, says that it did not feel as good as she thought it would and in some ways regrets it.

Hear Me Out, Lawan. Don’t Do I

If you select “Hear me out, Lawan. Don’t do it.” then Lawan will also back down, not killing Hakon and destroying her Kill List. This is clearly the good choice ending, as Hakon is still alive for the end of the game and Lawan will not feel her regretful shame. After the choice, Lawan leaves the church, and now, finally, you can too.

Dying Light 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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