Dying Light 2: Should You Help Frank or Go for the Truck?

Help your friend or go after the assailants?

by Diego Perez


At the end of Dying Light 2, Frank is struck by an arrow during a meeting with the Renegades, leaving you with an important choice. You can either choose to help Frank or go for the truck that is heading to the Renegades’ base, a decision that must be made within a very strict time limit. Frank is gravely wounded and is in dire need of medical assistance, but if that truck gets away, Aiden will lose his one and only lead left. Surprisingly, this choice has a correct answer, and it’s very easy to get the best outcome. Here’s whether you should stay with Frank or go for the truck in Dying Light 2.

Help Frank or Go for the Truck in Dying Light 2?

This choice takes place during the final mission of the game, Breakthrough. Frank will be shot with a poisoned arrow during a meeting with the Renegades, but this meeting will only take place if you gave Frank control of the radio transmitter earlier in the game.

The choice here is fairly self-explanatory. You will either help Frank get the medical attention he needs or you’ll abandon him in pursuit of the truck. Without spoilers, the best choice here is to stay and help Frank. If you want to see what happens in each outcome, keep reading on.


Help Frank

If you decide to help Frank, you will discover that the arrow that Frank has been shot with is actually poisoned. You’ll then sprint over to see Margaret the healer, who you may recognize from the Aitor side quest earlier in the game. She tells you to acquire some herbs to heal Frank, but she also reveals some interesting information about the poison itself.

Once you return to Frank with the antidote in hand, you will stabilize him and he will recover shortly. Then, you’ll still be able to follow the truck like normal. Frank will survive if you choose this option, and you will not lose the truck. If you want the best Dying Light 2 ending, the best choice is to help Frank.

Go for the Truck

If you go after the truck, you will skip the section where you help Frank and move directly onto the chase sequence with the truck. You’ll have to follow it throughout most of the city before it arrives at its destination. While you’re running after the truck, Jack Matt will call you and tell you that Frank has died from his injuries. Just so we’re clear, Frank will die if you choose this option.

Dying Light 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released later this year.

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