Dying Light 2 Super Mario Easter Egg: How to Triple Jump

Want to jump like Mario in Dying Light 2?

by Gordon Bicker


Dying Light 2 has its fair share of easter eggs similar to the first installment of the series and players will be happy to know that gaming’s greatest plumber and once carpenter has again got an easter egg in Dying Light 2. In the first game, players were transported to an almost alternate dimension world for Mario platforming through Mario 1-1 whereas in Dying Light 2 players will be given the opportunity to triple jump with a fancy pair of shoes. You will be platforming through the disconnecting issues in no time! This guide will take you through the process of how to find the Dying Light 2 Mario easter egg and how to triple jump with them.

How to Activate the Super Mario Easter Egg

In order to activate the easter egg, you will firstly have to venture to the specific location where it can be found. You will be able to find the easter egg in the east section of the map which will be unlocked through your journey through the campaign of the experience. After you have unlocked the eastern region of the ma, you will be able to go to the ‘Lower Dam Ayre’ which is in the furthest South East section of the zone. Simply find the bandit camp there named ‘Heron Renagados’ and clear it.

Now once you have got a safe zone, you can head to the east of the zone and observe a shipping container that is hanging from a crane. Make your way to this crane and lockpick the door on the crane and then go within the room. Simply activate the radio and go to the bed and sit down on it with the prompt. When you are listening to the radio, a parcel will be on the table and you can go up to it and collect the ‘It’s Me… Marian!’ shoes which of course are the easter egg Mario shoes.

How To Triple Jump With The It’s Me… Marian! Shoes

In order to triple jump with the shoes simply jump three times and you will be jumping like Mario in the air, an excellent way to spend time parkouring through the world!

Will you be getting the Mario easter egg this month?

Dying Light 2 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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