Elden Ring Bow Locations: How to Get a Bow and Crossbow

Here's some of the bow locations you should know about!

by Gordon Bicker


Elden Ring has a diverse range of weapons that the player can opt to choose from. Whether you are hunting for early game weapons that will allow you to get the upper hand on enemies or simply trying to obtain some of the most powerful weapons in the experience. One particular type of weapon can drum up a lot of attention and that is the bows which some players favor utilizing throughout their playthrough. This guide article will take you through some of the bow locations in Elden Ring and further where to get a crossbow.

Where To Get Bows In Elden Ring

Firstly, if you are looking for one of the earliest bows you will be able to obtain, that will be the ‘Shortbow’. If you didn’t start with a class that gives you a ranged weapon then you will likely be wanting to obtain the first bow you can find. You will be able to find a bow by going to the beach which is at the west of Limgrave at the coast. If you go south on the beach, you will observe a large bridge-like rock archway with foliage growing along with its structure.

Underneath the rock archway, there will be a merchant and you can buy the bow from the merchant for 600 runes. In terms of a more powerful bow to obtain. You could attempt to get the ‘Horn Bow’ which can be found in the ‘Siofra River’. This can be access by going to the ‘Minor Erdtree’ in East Limgrave and then looking for a location close by which is the ‘Siofra River Well’. Once you are in the area, you will have to find the ‘Hallowhorn Grounds’ location which is an arena with a staircase and towers nearby.

In order to find the bow, go to the left of the stairs and keep going until a platform is observable. Simply go onto the platform and then look for the corpse nearby, pick up the item and you will now have the ‘Horn Bow’ in your inventory ready for defeating bosses and enemies with.

You don’t want to go up the stairs to the grounds, though. Instead, go down the left side, underneath the stairs, until you see a platform. Hop on the platform and look left. You will see a corpse with an item on it. That item will be the Horn Bow.

How To Get A Crossbow In Elden Ring

There are many crossbows within Elden Ring and you will likely be able to find the ‘Soldier’s Crossbow’ as your first crossbow in the experience. If you go to the cliffs over ‘Saintsbridge’, there are crossbow-wielding enemies there that can sometimes drop crossbows as loot so be sure to try and eliminate enemies here to find a crossbow for your character.

Elden Ring is available now for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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