Elden Ring: How to Continue the Diallos Quest After Patch 1.03

There's more to Diallos's story.

by Diego Perez


Diallos is an NPC that players will first meet in the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring, but many people felt like his questline came to an abrupt end when they first played through it. That wasn’t intentional, however, as Elden Ring update 1.03 has added the missing final chapter of Diallos’s story to the game. Now, players can catch up with their old friend and see where he ends up after meeting him at Volcano Manor. Here’s how to continue the Diallos quest in Elden Ring after the patch.

How to Continue the Diallos Quest in Elden Ring

The first half of Diallos’s questline is started at the Roundtable Hold where he asks you to find his servant, Lanya. After discovering her corpse in Liurnia, he swears to take revenge and you can find him at Volcano Manor in Mt. Gelmir later in the game. After that, though, there wasn’t much else to do with Diallos. Now, there’s more to the story.

After you defeat Rykard, you can speak to Diallos and he’ll head to Jarburg in the eastern portion of Liurnia near the Divine Tower. There, you can find a new NPC named Jair Bairn. Speak to Jar Bairn and he’ll mention a new Potentate has arrived in the village. If he doesn’t mention that, then keep reloading until he does.

After that line of dialogue, you can find Diallos in one of the nearby houses where he’ll have some things to say to you. After that, come back later and you’ll find Diallos on the ground. Reply with “You defended them” and then reload the area to speak with Jar Bairn for the last time.

After everything is said and done, you can return to Jarburg one last time to loot Numen’s Rune, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and Diallos’s Mask. It’s a tragic story, but at least you get some decent loot out of it.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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