Elden Ring Nepheli Questline Guide: Should You Give Her the Potion?

Should you take the potion to Nepheli, or save it for later? Find out in this guide!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you make your way through the wilds of Elden Ring, you’ll be faced with some tough tasks. Fighting through hordes of enemies is hard enough, but what about making tough moral choices that can alter the life of someone in-game forever? Are you up for the challenge that lies ahead with Nepheli Loux, and the choices you’ll need to make in regards to her life?

Thankfully, we are here to help you decide what is the correct choice to make for you. We’ll look into both sides of the story, see what the best opportunity to do is, and give you our thoughts on the best way to proceed on if you should give the potion to Nepheli, or hold off to give this quest-specific item to someone else.

Elden Ring – Potion Usage on Nepheli and Others


As you make your way through this questline, you’ll have the option to give Nepheli a potion that has been concocted by the Sorcerer Seluvis, but should you?

You’re not sure what is in the potion, but there are a few things that point in the direction of the possibly nefarious deeds Seluvis has been taking part in are, that can help you with this decision.

As you are currently in the questline for Ranni The Witch when this comes into play, you’ll find a few visual clues that can tell you that the potion may be being used for foul-play. You’ll find a room, hidden underground just outside of Ranni’s tower that is filled with unresponsive dolls, a sign that offers a clue into what Seluvis may be doing with his potions.

Unfortunately, these hints do lead to the overall conclusion of the puzzle, as if Nepheli drinks the potion, she will be turned into a puppet, ending her mortal life and allowing you to use her Sprit Ashes to aid you on your way. He will also happily teach you sorcery. However, while this may have its appeal, there are a few other things to consider.

While this may unlock the ability to buy spells from Seluvis, you can also give this potion to the Dung Eater, who will warn you to lie to Seluvis, and you’ll still be able to learn tips and tricks from him, as he believes your lie, you’ll save Nepheli’s life in the process, and unlock the Spirit Ashes of the Dung Eater in the future.

So, since the life of somebody hangs in the balance, it’s not recommended to give Nepehli the potion, as she is a valuable partner and does not deserve the fate of being a puppet. You’ll be able to learn Sorcery either way, so why end the life of someone that does not deserve it in the process?

Elden Ring is out now for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.

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