Elden Ring: What Does the Perfume Bottle Do?

How to become the best perfumer in the land.

by Noah Nelson


The Perfume Bottle in Elden Ring is one of the best container items in the game. Elden Ring is a game that is all about role-playing, and being a perfumer just might be your thing. If perfuming isn’t your thing, you may still want to consider getting a few Perfume Bottles scattered throughout the world once you find out how useful they can be. Here is everything you need to know about the Perfume Bottle in Elden Ring.

What Does the Perfume Bottle Do?

The Perfume Bottle in Elden Ring is a Key Item that holds crafted perfumes. What are perfumes, you might ask? Perfumes are powerful buffs that come in all shapes and sizes. Two that have been discovered so far are the Spark Aromatic and Uplifting Aromatic. Spark Aromatic casts a powerful exploding pollen spell and Uplifting Aromatic boosts ally attack power and well as raising the defense of the first hit on them.

There are tons of Key Items hidden in the world of Elden Ring like the Prayerbooks or the Spirit Ashes. Like both of those Key Items, the Perfume Bottle is difficult to find but well worth having. Also, it is worth noting that you can only hold 10 Perfume Bottles at a time.

Where to Get a Perfume Bottle

There are several Perfume Bottles hidden all over The Lands Between. There are three locations near the beginning of the game that will be the best place to start your Perfume Bottle collection. Here are some of the Perfume Bottle locations in Elden Ring:

  1. Atlus Plateau: Shaded Castle Inner Gate – Climb the ladder in the center of the area and turn right. Once you have followed the path to the end, you will face several enemies including the Magma Wyrm boss. After defeating them, you can get the Perfume Bottles in the Perfume Ruins.
  2. Volcano Manor: Volcano Manor – After receiving the Drawing-Room Key, enter the first room on the right side, where you’ll see a body. A Perfume Bottle will be found next to the body.
  3. Leyndell Royal Capital: Leyndell Royal Capital – You will find a Perfume Bottle on the second floor in a chest.

Having a Perfume Bottle is not enough. Of course, you will want to craft perfumes to store in your newfound bottles. To craft perfume recipes, you need Perfume Cookbooks. Though not many have been found yet, Perfume Cookbooks will unlock powerful perfumes for you to use in battle. Here are some of the Perfume Cookbook locations in Elden Ring:

  1. Leyndell Royal Captial: Auriza Side Tomb – After traversing the second transporter trap, in the area behind the prison bars on the body in the middle of the room is where you’ll find a Perfume Cookbook.
  2. Ainsel River: Uhl Palace – A Perfume Cookbook can be purchased from the Hermit Merchant for 3000 Runes.

Elden Ring is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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