Elden Ring: Where to Find the Sword of Morne

Where is this elusive sword?

by Diego Perez


Early in Elden Ringy, you can come across a man that asks you to retrieve the Sword of Morne for him. He refuses to leave the sword behind, but Castle Morne has been overrun with beasts and it’s too dangerous for him to go and get it himself. The job isn’t too dangerous for a skilled Tarnished like yourself, though, so it’s up to you to find your way into the castle and locate the sword. It’s actually a really powerful weapon, too, so it’s well worth the trip. Here’s where you can find the Sword of Morne in Elden Ring.

How to Get the Sword of Morne in Elden Ring

The Sword of Morne is located in Castle Morne, which is at the southern tip of the Weeping Peninsula. The Weeping Peninsula is a short distance southeast of Limgrave, the game’s starting zone. You can see the exact location of Castle Morne on the map below.


Castle Morne is a legacy dungeon, so you won’t be able to ride your horse inside. Legacy dungeons are basically just Dark Souls levels, complete with traps, enemies, and a boss fight at the end. Castle Morne is an optional dungeon so you can completely skip this area and move on with the main quest if you find it to be too difficult. You can always come back later with a better weapon and more experience.

To obtain the Sword of Morne, you have to defeat the boss of Castle Morne: the Leonine Misbegotten. This boss can be found just outside the castle’s southern wall. There’s a Site of Grace overlooking the ocean on the southern side of Castle Morne, and you can see the yellow boss door from there.

How to Beat the Leonine Misbegotten

The Leonine Misbegotten boss seems intimidating at first, but its moveset is predictable and easy to learn. You should be able to take it down in a few attempts, especially if you’re using magic or a ranged weapon. If you’re a melee player, then just be patient and focus on learning the boss’ small arsenal of attacks. It hits hard, but it doesn’t have a lot of health.

Getting the Sword of Morne

After you defeat the boss, you will receive the Grafted Blade Greatsword as a reward. This is an incredibly powerful colossal sword, arguably one of the best ones in all of Elden Ring, but you will need a whopping 40 Strength to wield it effectively. Even if you can’t use it, this sword still has its uses. It turns out that the Grafted Blade Greatsword is actually the Sword of Morne that you need to retrieve, so don’t sell it to a merchant or anything like that. With the sword in your inventory, you can return to the man who gave you this quest to complete it.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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