Escape From Tarkov Trader Leveling: How to Level Up Fast & Which Ones Are Worth It?

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by J.T. Isenhour


When it comes to Escape From Tarkov, there are very few ways to get gear. You are either going to pick it up during a raid, get it from your hideout, or buy it from a trader. When it comes to trader gear, the more a trader likes you, the better gear they will offer to sell you. However it can be quite hard to level up every trader at the same time, that’s why you will want to focus on leveling up a trader or two at a time and come back to the other ones later. Let’s go over which traders you should level first in Escape From Tarkov.

Which Traders Should You Level First in Escape From Tarkov

Knowing which traders you are going to focus on can be a hard task. Since you have to make an important decision early on in your playtime and if you want to change your mind later you will lose a lot of work. However, there are two traders that you should always focus on leveling above all the others and they are Therapist and Ragman. Since these traders will give you most of your medical supplies and armor it is important to get them leveled first.

It doesn’t matter if you are able to tell a player apart from the AI if they both can tear through your bad armor and you have no meds to heal with. Once you do have them leveled you will need to make a choice on what weapons you like to use to figure out the next trader to focus on.

If you enjoy using The AK-47 and those types of Russian weaponry, then you will want to level up Prapor. If you like to use M4 rifles and more American-type guns, then Peacekeeper is your man. And if you want to focus on sniping then you will be butting up Jager for all of his bolt-actions and marksman rifles.

This doesn’t mean you should just ignore all of the other traders while you play the game. You should always accept every quest from all the traders when you can. Just remember to check the rep gain from the quests before you turn them so you don’t lower the rep of traders you are focusing on. If you need any more help with Escape From Tarkov make sure to check out our other guides.

Escape From Tarkov is available on PC.

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