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Fall Guys – How to Throw Eggs

Throwing can help you win Egg Scramble.

by Diego Perez


Fall Guys is a very simple game on the surface, but there are a few advanced tricks you can use to help you secure the crown for yourself. Pushing, diving, and other fancy feats are useful in practically every minigame, but there are a few Fall Guys minigames where you can’t simply jump and dive your way to victory. One such game is Egg Scramble, an activity that is almost universally disliked by the community. Most players who end up on the losing team don’t know that you can actually throw the eggs in Fall Guys’ Egg Scramble minigame, which can help you lead your team to victory.

How to Throw in Fall Guys

There isn’t a dedicating throw button in Fall Guys. Instead, you can toss things by jumping, diving, and then letting go of them mid-dive. Whatever you let go of will maintain the momentum of your dive, sending it forward at a fast pace. This can completely change the tide of an Egg Scramble round.

If you’re struggling in Egg Scramble, just head to another team’s goal and start chucking eggs out of there. As long as your team is bringing in at least some eggs to your goal, you can ensure another team’s elimination by following this method. Just pick up their eggs, jump, dive, and release. If the enemy team catches on and starts playing defense, just switch to another team’s goal and throw their eggs instead. If that team stops you, roll back around to the first team you were messing with. Odds are they already forgot about you.

It can be tough to get the hang of at first, but soon enough you’ll be free throwing eggs like nobody’s business and bankrupting enemy teams of all their points. Egg Scramble is really the only game where this strategy comes in handy, but if Fall Guys ever adds another game like it, you’ll be able to use throwing to your advantage.

- This article was updated on:August 20th, 2020

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