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Fallout 4 Automatron Guide: How to Beat The Mechanist

| March 24, 2016

Fallout 4 Automatron Guide: How to Beat The Mechanist GameGuides  Fallout Guide Fallout 4 DLC Fallout 4 Fallout

Fallout 4’s first set of DLC, Automatron, is all about a quest to stop The Mechanist. This dastardly foe has been sending out robo-brain equipped robots to seemingly destroy anything in their path, killing tons of survivors in the wasteland. Of course, there is much more to this story than you first suspect, and while we won’t spoil too much, we wanted to give you some tips for how to beat the Mechanist in Fallout 4: Automatron.

First off, we won’t walk you through the entirety of The Mechanist’s lair. Just keep pushing through the walls of robots and you’ll eventually reach the sub-basement where you truly encounter the enemy leader. If you have the Silver Shroud set of armor, we really recommend equipping it for this confrontation, as there are dialogue options that unlock with it that are pretty great.

Also, make sure you grab a ton of ammo, and have alternate weapons. Focus on weapons that deal extra damage to robots, if you don’t have something like the Overseer’s Guardian that is your preferred method of killing. Explosive will be helpful as well, as enemies will come in waves, and you can littler the ground with mines, or toss some grenades.

Anyway, once you reach this final confrontation, The Mechanist will send everything he has at you, flooding the room with robots. The best way to defeat them is to perch on the walkways above, using the stairs as funnels for the enemy robots. Mines work well here, so lay them down whenever you get a break. Keep moving though, as you don’t want to get surrounded. There aren’t a ton of overly powerful enemies in here, but when three or four of them surround you, they can take you out pretty quickly.

Stick to the rafters, picking off robots as you can, and eventually there will be nice stopping points. Be sure to quick save whenever the combat seems to slow, which on Fallout 4 PC is the F5 key. This will ensure that you don’t have to repeat too much combat in the event of your death.

After a few waves the power shuts down, and The Mechanist is willing to talk. At this point you can just attack him, ending his reign of terror. However, the better, and more ethical method is to talk to him. If you talked enough to the other characters in Fallout 4: Automatron then you know that the robots might be misinterpreting their orders. Explaining this to The Mechanist can end the conflict without bloodshed.

Make sure your charisma is high enough for this discussion, reference our other guide on how to get through persuasion checks if you have trouble, but be sure to save often so you can go back if necessary. Choose the right dialogue and you’ll discover a whole lot of interesting info about The Mechanist.

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  • Darthmaul322

    Stupid game forced me to kill The Mechanist I wanted to keep her alive but every time she came out to talk to me she instantly went violent and I tried loading several autosaves and using different conversation options I was extremely disappointed

    • obiquan

      same exact thing happened to me! i assumed it was the only option

      • Darthmaul322

        I did to but then looked online and found its not the only option so I reloaded a previous save and exhausted every option to save her but to no avail like I said disappointing to say the least

        • obiquan

          were you wearing a power armor helmet with targeting HUD? I was and apparently that triggers an auto-hostile sometimes. frustrating bug

          • Darthmaul322

            I actually was bc I wear my power armor 24/7 now that I have 99+ fusion cores and the targeting HUD is the best helmet mod

          • obiquan

            yep that would be it then :

          • Darthmaul322

            That sucks

    • Lee Collins

      I talked her down but then killed her for her armour. Now I’m regretting it hence why I’m here. To check i didn’t mess the game up or anything. don’t want to reload now as have done a few missions since then. Oh well RIP Mechanist there is a new mechanist in town.
      Now I’m off to Far Harbour :-)

      • Alex

        Actually, if you talk her down, she gives you the armor at the end. So, you don’t actually have to kill her for it.

  • Cadeh50

    Well I have completely broken it… I can’t beat the mechanist because the games broken… I can’t access the save where I first talk to him…

    • Michael Phillips

      I cant even get past the last wave of robots

  • Richard Stoner

    I was able to end the confrontation peacefully. It was one he11 of a fight to get to that point, however. Even with the Relentless Gatling Laser and Instigating Fatman did I barely prevail. Note that at the conclusion of the peaceful resolution, the Mechanist presents you with “his” armor.