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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Get More People to Come to your Settlements

by Kyle Hanson


Have you read through our comprehensive Fallout 4 Workshop guide and found yourself a little stuck? You want to make the biggest and the best town you can, but you just don’t have the resources or people? We’ve shown you how to find copper and other rare resources, and we’ve shown you how to establish supply lines between your settlements so you can share the inventory, but what if you don’t have enough settlers to manage all of this? Check out this guide for how to get more settlers in your settlement to find out.

First up, if you want more settlers in your town, such as Sanctuary, then you need to make sure you have the bases covered. You’ll need to have beds and food for everyone, so build some beds and check out this guide for where to find food. Once you have that all covered, there are two main ways to get more settlers.

First up is just wandering around and talking to people. Many random NPCs will talk to you about their woes, and you can provide them with a solution: come to Sanctuary. Once you’ve said all of the right things the settler or random person will ask if they can actually stay, at which point you can direct them to whichever of your owned settlements you want them to go to. I prefer having a centralized hub, so I usually have them head to Sanctuary, but you can spread them around, especially if you need settlers for supply lines.

The other method, which is a bit more reliable as it doesn’t depend so much on randomly finding the right people, is the Recruitment Beacon. This item, which can be found within the Electricity section of the Workshop menu, will send out a signal informing would-be settlers of your location. To build it you need 10 Steel, 2 Circuitry, 3 Ceramic, 2 Crystal, 6 Copper, and 1 Rubber, so reference that guide linked above if you need any of these items.

You’ll also need one unit of electricity, so make sure you place it near an existing generator with some extra juice, or make a new one for it to use. Once the beacon is built and hooked up to power just activate it and the signal should draw in a few new people. Once Sanctuary gets too crowded you can always repeat this process at one of your smaller settlements.

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