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The Best Fallout 4 Companions and Where to Get Them

by Kyle Hanson


Who wants to travel the wasteland of post-apocalyptic Boston alone when you can bring a companion along? Some of you might, but for the rest of us, Fallout 4 provides a few options for getting a companion to tag along on your quests. These characters will help fight enemies, spot things you might have missed, and probably stand in a doorway staring at you for five minutes straight (which you can now fix by commanding them to go stand in a corner instead). Still, despite that last one being the worst companion perk possible, the first two make it all worthwhile, so here’s a list of the best characters in Fallout 4 and where to find them in the Commonwealth.

The Best Fallout 4 Companions

  • Dogmeat – The first companion you meet in the game might be the only one you need
  • Codsworth – Robot companion that has flamethrower and melee attacks
  • Cait – Human companion that is handy with a shotgun
  • Strong – Super Mutant companion that has strong sledgehammer attacks
  • Nick Valentine – Android companion that has strong computer skills
  • Paladin Danse – Human companion that wears Power Armor


Dogmeat will probably be the people’s choice for best Fallout 4 companion on any list and is certainly a good and reliable companion in the game who can help in both combat and exploration. Luckily, he is also the easiest to find. Simply start the game and get the first real mission. This will take you to the Red Rocket gas station, the dog will walk right up to you. Ask Dogmeat to tag along and you’ve already earned a friend for life. Dogmeat will sniff out objects hidden around the wasteland, while also taking out enemies in combat with ease. His strong move is when he jumps on top of guys, which can usually end in their death, but also lets you pop off a couple of headshots.  Plus who doesn’t love dogs?

Codsworth – Mr. Handy

Codsworth is one of the first characters you come across after awakening from your time in a 200 year slumber. After a bit of work this robot will offer to follow you around. He is one of the characters that can be found at Sanctuary, as long as you didn’t send him somewhere else.  This robot companion has plenty of perks.  Most of his attacks are melee in nature, except for his flamethrower which is a very strong attack. A good companion to keep around, Codsworth brings some levity to the experience of Fallout 4, flinging out robot quips and jokes about how his cleaning procedure is being activated by the disgusting nature of the wasteland.  Definitely one of the best Fallout 4 companions on this list with a combination of strong perks and humor.


Not all your companions have to be guys.  This sassy Irish lady can be found at Combat Zone where she spends her days beating the crap out of any Raider that dares walk into her combat ring. You should stumble across this while playing through the main missions, as it is just east of Diamond City. Clear the place out of all the Raiders and the local owner will offer Cait’s services to you. Cait’s strong perk is that she’s pretty good with a shotgun, so get her in close and she should help out with whatever you come across in your Fallout 4 adventures through the Commonwealth. Be careful though, Cait is pretty picky about who she travels with. Don’t bring in the caps on your quests, or deliver enough violence and bloodshed, and she might decide that you aren’t worth the time.


Strong – The Super Mutant

Wandering around outside of Diamond City, in downtown Boston? You probably noticed a new radio signal coming in from Trinity Tower. This is coming from a man that has been trapped by Super Mutants at the top of the tower. You’ll find Trinity Tower just east of Diamond City, near the public library and Trinity Plaza. Storm the tower, save the trapped guys, and you’ll also find Strong, a super mutant with a certain affinity for Shakespeare. Make it out of the tower with Strong and he’ll offer to join you as a companion on your adventures. A super mutant at your back should be quite good in Fallout 4’s wasteland.  What are the perks for Strong, you ask?  Well, he’s a Super Mutant and a pretty powerful companion. Be careful though, Strong doesn’t like it when you break through security, such playing the hacking or lockpicking games, and he seems to not be a fan of donning Power Armor on his quests.


Piper is Fallout 4’s version of Lois Lane. The intrepid reporter is always looking for a story, and you happen to be the best source in the Commonwealth for interesting ones. Found just outside of Diamond City, Piper helps you get in, by helping herself at the same time, of course. Once inside you can head to the offices of Publick Occurrences and speak with her. Give Piper an interview, telling her all about your frozen trip into the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4, and she’ll offer to follow you around as a companion.

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is another great companion in Fallout 4. This is because Nick is easy to find, has nice perks, as he is a big part of the main story. Just play the mission list involving the detective and you’ll encounter him, ultimately be able to have him tag along on quests. The reason he’s one of the best in Fallout 4 is because he has strong computer skills. With this guy following you around you’ll likely never have to hack a computer again.

This list of Companions are just some of our favorites, but there are a lot more to be found around Boston. Let us know in the comments who your favorite companion in this list is and where you found them.  Your companions are just part of the equation in Fallout 4.  You’ll also need to find the Best Weapons and Best Armor to survive.

- This article was updated on:February 17th, 2018

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