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Fallout 76 Legendary Crafting Guide

Everything you need to know about the legendary crafting system

by Davi Braid


Our Legendary Crafting Guide is here to help all players keep up with all the recent changes in Fallout 76. The latest major update — Steel Reign — added quite a few things to the game. It seems that Bethesda accepted the players’ suggestion and made a crafting system that provides a simpler way to upgrade items and allows a lot of creativity in players’ builds.

How Does Legendary Craft Work Now?

The legendary crafting system allows players to apply legendary mods to almost any item. So you can take a weapon, armor, or power armor and make it legendary by using Legendary Cores and Legendary Modules. To do so, go to your crafting bench and hit the appropriate button to start crafting. From there, find the item you want to make legendary and add the mod you want to it. It is that simple. However, you still need the right crafting components.

Legendary Modules can be purchased from Purveyor Murmrgh. In order to find him, go to The Rusty Pick bar. You will need a gas mask to do it — there is one in the Charleston Fire Department. When it comes to Legendary Cores, you can find them in a few different ways. For all details about it, make sure to check our guide on How To Get Legendary Cores In Fallout 76.

The developers made the Legendary Craft System to give players as many options as possible. The many different items that can be created will most likely be enough to fit all existing playstyles. Steel Reign also lets players have Legendary Power Armors now, which means they can now go for aristocrat builds, food builds, bloodied builds, and more!

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