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Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter How to Open Crates

Wait, that's not a crate.


In Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter there are items that come up on your level rewards feed that look like crates to open.  There is actually some confusion regarding these items as they look like some kind of stash that will reward you with new items.  However, this is not the case.  Right now there are no crates to unlock in Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter, the crates that you see in the rewards feed are in-fact player icons at the moment and the only crates to open are the ones that are in the game while playing.

These rewards can be accessed from the from the Atomic Shop menu where you can either purchase new icons or access those that you’ve unlocked.  Once you’ve progressed far enough into the Overseer Rank to unlock this reward it will be accessible within your default icons in the Atomic Shop near the Vault 51 icon.

It is a little bit confusing as it looks like there is a crate to open, but it’s really just an icon for you to use.  Perhaps there are plans to unlock other items as you progress through the Overseer Ranks, but at this time all that we have found as a result of being rewarded these “containers” is that they are skins or icons for your character in the shop.  One useful item that you WILL get from ranking up is SPECIAL perk cards, these can be accessed through the SPECIAL menu while in the vault prior to a Nuclear Winter Match.

Some of Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter’s options are a little hard to understand.  If you’re having trouble we’ve got guides for inviting friends to your Nuclear Winter party and equipping new SPECIAL cards in Nuclear Winter to help.

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