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Far Cry 6 Gunpowder Farm: Fastest Ways to Get Gunpowder

Gunpowder is an incredibly important resource in Far Cry 6.
Far Cry 6 PC

Gunpowder is one of the most important resources in Far Cry 6, and you’ll need a lot of it if you want to purchase upgrades and other equipment that will help you take on Anton Castillo’s regime. Obtaining resources is a core part of Far Cry 6′s gameplay loop, but you’ll most likely end up with a bunch of stuff that you don’t need while being understocked on the things that actually do matter. If you’re short on Gunpowder, these are the best ways to obtain it in Far Cry 6.

What is Gunpowder Used for?

Gunpowder is primarily used to upgrade weapons. Basically every weapon upgrade in the game will require at least one Gunpowder, and more powerful weapon upgrades like military-grade suppressors and scopes will cost additional materials as well. Your arsenal starts off simple and weak at the beginning of Far Cry 6, so stocking up on Gunpowder is a good idea.

Best Ways to Get Gunpowder in Far Cry 6

The most consistent way to get Gunpowder is to search for FND Caches scattered across Yara. Every military base, stronghold, camp, and checkpoint will have at least one FND Cache to find. You can also rescue hostages or talk to guerilla NPCs in camps to obtain intel about FND Cache locations. FND Caches almost always contain Gunpowder, so pay a visit to any restricted area and you should be able to find some. Weapon caches and Yaran Contraband chests look nearly identical to these though, so make sure to check your map to see if you’re going after the right type of cache.


Although it’s less reliable, you can also obtain Gunpowder by looting military supply drops. Supply drops are marked with tall smoke signals, so you shouldn’t have any trouble spotting them from afar. They’re much rarer than FND Caches, but they give more rewards to make up for their scarcity. Gunpowder is a common resource reward for these.

Finally, you can earn Gunpowder while you focus on other activities by starting Los Bandidos missions. Once you have these unlocked, you can send guerilla squads out to complete missions that take an hour or more to complete. If they return successfully, they’ll bring back a ton of resources. You might not always get Gunpowder from these, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra Medicine or Metal. Plus, you can send these squads on missions and go take care of your own missions while you wait.


How to Farm Gunpowder

There isn’t a secret strategy to farming Gunpowder in Far Cry 6. You’re just going to have to hit the sites described above and loot all the caches you can find. Before you set out on your quest to find Gunpowder, make sure you always have a Los Bandidos mission active. That way, you can maximize your Gunpowder earnings.

After sending Los Bandidos out on a mission, make your way to the nearest military site and start looting. Once you find an FND Cache and clear out the camp, move on to the next one. As you travel between military installations, keep an eye out for plumes of smoke so you don’t miss any supply drops. If you follow these steps for an hour or two, you’ll have no shortage of Gunpowder and you’ll be able to afford most of the game’s weapon upgrades.

Far Cry 6 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Check out our review of the game here.

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