FF7 Ever Crisis Weapon Tier List | Best Weapons in Ever Crisis Ranked

These are the best weapons in FFVII Ever Crisis.

by Diego Perez
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis gives you access to all of its characters right from the start, so the real meat of the gacha game is pulling for the best weapons and gear to make your favorite characters stronger. From Aerith to Zack, there are several weapons for each Ever Crisis character that can make or break their builds. What works for some characters won’t work for others, but there are still some weapons that are a cut above the rest. These are the best weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis for every character.

The Best Weapons in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

While we’ve divided the game’s weapons into tiers, the weapons within each tier are not ordered. We’ve also organized the weapons by character to make the list easier to browse, so it’s much easier if you’re just trying to find out the best weapons for Tifa or Red XIII.

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Image: Square Enix
CloudMurasame, Apocalypse, Hardedge, Maritime Sword
TifaLifeguard Wraps, Sonic Striker, Tiger Fangs
AerithFairy Tale
BarretHeavy Hauser, Enemy Launcher
Red XIIIPlatinum Collar
ZackZweihander, Falchion, Arc Sword
LuciaSerpent Eater, Mad Minute
GlennApology in Hell, Rest in Piece
MattBroadsword: Axis, Prime Number

Each character has a few S-Tier weapons that transform them into prime party members, but there are a select few who have only one. Aerith’s Fairy Tale, for example, boosts her healing capability so much higher than her other weapons that it sits alone in the S-Tier. The same goes for Red XIII’s Platinum Collar, which makes him a great defensive ally despite his low placement on our FF7 Ever Crisis Character Tier List.

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Ultimately, S-Tier weapons synergize incredibly well with their character’s overall role. Tifa’s Lifeguard Wraps, for example, make her a much more useful support party member because of their Healing Waves ability that lets Tifa cast a powerful AOE heal without needing Materia, which is huge. Cloud’s Murasame and Zack’s Zweihander, on the other hand, make them even deadlier boss killers than they already are with their remarkably high damage output.


CloudCrystal Sword, Mythril Saber, Buster Sword
TifaMotor Drive, Powersoul, Crystal Gloves
AerithWizer Staff, Silver Staff, Wizard Staff, Sun Umbrella
BarretAssault Gun, Solid Bazooka
Red XIIIJunk Collar, Seaside Collar
ZackCutlass, Crystal Sword, Beach Parasol
GlennPiece of Cake, Jiggy Fam
MattSlick Beetle, Stringray

A-Tier weapons are great to have, but they’re not quite best-in-slot. For example, Red XIII’s Junk Collar sits in the A-Tier since it’s one of his best offensive options, but Red XIII really fits more of a support role and does better with the defense-oriented Platinum Collar in S-Tier. Cloud’s Buster Sword has huge damage output because it lets him use Braver, but it’s not going to match what he can do with the S-Tier Murasame.

You’ll still be able to clear high-end content with these weapons easily because they either hone a character’s existing abilities or give them added flexibility, however, which is why they remain in the A-Tier. Barret’s Assault Gun lets him buff your party’s defense and provide minor AOE healing, which further cements him as one of the game’s best supports. Aeirth’s Wizer Staff, on the other hand, grants her some offensive capabilities in addition to her already great healing.


Image: Attack of the Fanboy
CloudOrganics, Enhance Sword, Butterfly Edge
TifaKaiser Knuckles, Grand Gloves
AerithFull Metal Staff, Mythril Rod
BarretMax Ray, Vulcan
Red XIIIGold Collar, Noble Collar
ZackBeach Parasol, Defender
LuciaPulse Gun, Tranquilizer Gun, Black Rifle
GlennShockbuster, Crewkicker
MattAbsolute Royal, Orthodox Raven

Down in B-Tier are the weapons that will get you by in a pinch, but you should probably think about replacing them as soon as you can. Don’t invest too heavily in these weapons and instead save your resources for gear from A-Tier or S-Tier. In this tier, we have weapons like Zack’s Defender, which don’t necessarily play to the wielder’s strengths. Defender lets Zack cast a party-wide defense buff and heal, yes, but Zack is better off with weapons that increase his damage output since he’s designed as a main DPS unit. Again, nice to have, but should be replaced.

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In this tier, you’ll also find weapons that are just okay, like Lucia’s Pulse Gun and Black Rifle, which increase her damage output but put her nowhere near the likes of Cloud or Zack. She’s better off using the support-oriented weapons from higher tiers. The same applies to Barret’s Max Ray, which trades most of his utility for some fairly subpar damage.


Image: Attack of the Fanboy
CloudIron Blade
TifaLeather Gloves
AerithStriking Staff
BarretGatling Gun, Flame Projector
Red XIIILeather Collar, Rubber Collar, Sleek Collar
ZackType-99 Longsword
LuciaV39, Barn Swallow
GlennHardcore Squad, Personal Style
MattCore Defender, Espee Rapiere Next-G

Lastly, we have the C-Tier. You’re better off using literally anything else than these weapons. Even if they play to a character’s strengths, their stats and abilities just don’t cut it in high-end content and there are easily available options that are miles better. Pulling a 5-Star weapon just for it to be Aerith’s Striking Staff is a huge disappointment, for example, since that weapon tries to transform her into a DPS character when it clearly doesn’t work.

Then you have things like Zack’s Type-99 Longsword, which isn’t bad on paper but it pales in comparison to every other sword he can use. Cloud’s Iron Blade falls into the same trap, as do Tifa’s Leather Gloves and Barret’s Gatling Gun. If you’re stuck with a C-Tier weapon for one of your favorite characters, put your wish list to work and hope you get lucky with the stamp system on top of that. Your characters won’t shine unless they break their gear out of this tier.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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