FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide (1-80)

Are you looking for the best methods for leveling Blue Mage fast in Final Fantasy XIV?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XIV has many jobs to master and out of all those Blue Mage is one of the most interesting in terms of mechanics and spells, but it takes a long time to level. This is due to how the spells are acquired by you having to watch certain enemies use spells, defeat them, then gain a new spell. If you don’t have a good base strategy for your leveling, the process quickly can fall apart. This article will walk you through how to level Blue Mage to 80 fast in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Fastest Blue Mage 1-80 Leveling in Final Fantasy XIV

There aren’t too many “get-levels quick” schemes for Blue Mage but there are indeed methods you can use (those I will teach you about) to get levels much faster. First, before going through the level 20 onwards processes mentioned below, be sure to have the 1000 Needles spell. This will help inflict a lot of damage quickly while grinding levels — Plus it has got an adorable Cactuar icon so that’s a win-win in my books.

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Another important assistance for leveling which some people don’t talk about is FOOD. Eat one meal every thirty minutes to take advantage of the Well-Fed buff which will give a 3% bonus exp. This can also be paired with the Meat and Mead III Free Company action to extend the meal duration to forty-five minutes instead. This means you should take a meal every forty-five minutes if you have that active.

Blue Mage 1-20 Leveling Strategy

Leveling your Blue Mage to level 20 won’t be too challenging in the grand scheme of things, this is essentially your baby steps for learning how Blue Mage works. I would recommend starting off in places like the Central Shroud. Simply walk around and defeat higher-level enemies. You can also obtain spells here such as Ice Spike (Trickster Imp) and Blood Drain (Chigoe) which will assist in furthering your effectiveness.

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As mentioned above, you should also travel over to Southern Thanalan to find the Sabotender Bailaor at the (X:16, Y: 14) coordinates when around level 18. You should be able to fend off the Cactuar’s attacks by then and watch them use the spell 1000 Needles. Defeat them after they do to learn the spell and you will be prepared for the next stage of leveling.

Blue Mage 20-40 Leveling Strategy

This is the stage when you should visit places like Fallgourd Float in the North Shroud and defeat enemies there. I’d recommend avoiding any Alliance Raids, Dungeons, and Trials. Right now you want quick snappy enemies to gain a boost in leveling from, not long activities to complete. Plus the fact, Blue Mages get bonus exp for killing open-world enemies.

It should be noted that you can’t do roulettes as a Blue Mage — a pain for many Blue Mages leveling. Instead, make use of your Hunting Log and gain extra experience from completing any of those.

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When you are level 25, slay higher-level enemies in the Coerthas Highlands (or Mor Dhona if you have other friends to support you) until you are at least level 36. By this point, you will have grasped the core mechanics of Blue Mage. You can now start to use a Power Leveling strategy which will speed up your leveling by an extreme amount.

Blue Mage 40-70 Leveling Strategy

You will need a high-level player with you for this part of the process and make sure they aren’t in a party with you but just on the same data center. If you are struggling to find friends online. I personally would visit cities like Gridania and Limsa Lominsa. Ask: “Hi there! Would anyone like to help me with power leveling my Blue Mage? Thanks so much!” on the general chat or something along those lines.

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You could also mention a reward/nice trade if you’d like to do that afterward to say thanks. When you have someone who is interested in helping you out, travel to Kholusia and visit the area of (X: 35, Y: 27) which will be around the beach. This is a well-known area for power leveling thanks to the Hobgoblins. You will need Shadowbringers to reach Kholusia. When you are at the beach, follow these steps.

  1. Target a Hobgoblin and begin attacking them.
  2. Let the Higher level player kill them for you.
  3. You will immediately gain experience from this.
  4. Repeat the process over and over again with the other Hobgoblins until they are all defeated.

This method can be used with any enemy so you can have a change of scenery at any time if you’d rather just find other high-level enemies to defeat. However, this power leveling strategy will have you up to level 70 in a fraction of the time it would take you going around by yourself. It won’t happen overnight but it will be much quicker.

Blue Mage 70-80 Leveling Strategy (Patch 6.45)

In Patch 6.45, a route has been vouched for by Reddit user JoeChio in terms of leveling your Blue Mage to level 80. You will want to use the same Power leveling strategy mentioned before but this time travel to the white-bordered areas on the Reddit map with high-level players and slay enemies inside there instead.

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The top half of the split map is Labryrinthos and then Thavnair is down at the bottom of the map. Keep killing enemies together with others as your Blue Mage (not in a party) and you will quickly be level 80 before you know it.

Best Blue Mage Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The weapons (canes) for Blue Mage are generally just cosmetic as your spells are where the real power comes in. However, there are three in particular that you should choose from because you can insert two Materia. I have listed the weapons you should aim for acquiring in order below if you’re looking for a general weapon progression route.

  1. Incendiario — Can be equipped at level 60 | Bought from Maudlin Latool Ja in Ul’Dah Steps of Thal. Travel to (X: 12.4, Y: 13) and you can buy it for 800 Allied Seals.
  2. Friar Rush — Can be equipped at level 70 | Bought from Maudlin Latool Ja in Ul’Dah Steps of Thal. Travel to (X: 12.4, Y: 13) and you can buy it for another 800 Allied Seals.
  3. Predatrice — Can be equipped at level 70 | Unlocked easily via the “Future in Blue” unlock quest offered by Martyn right next to Maudlin Latool Ja in Ul’Dah.

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I placed Friar Rush before Predatrice because it can only be repaired with Goldsmith level 60 whereas more players are likely to have Carpenter leveled more. For Predatrice you will just need a level 60 Carpenter to repair Predatrice. Now that you know all of the best weapons, you can combine them with your Blue Mage Leveling strategies in Final Fantasy XIV — time to cast some spells!

Authors Note: I have been playing Final Fantasy XIV on my PlayStation 5 and have a deep interest in the community founded over the years.

- This article was updated on July 18th, 2023

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