FFXIV Custom Deliveries Guide: How to Unlock All Delivery NPCs for Every Expansion

Got a delivery just for you.

by J.T. Isenhour


While combat jobs have poetics to farm in Final Fantasy XIV, crafting jobs want to farm scrips. One of the best methods to get these scrips is to deliver items to Custom Delivery NPCs. However, these NPCs will not be available to deliver to when you first run into them. You will have to complete some quests and meet some requirements in order to unlock the ability to complete Custom Deliveries for these NPCs. let’s go over how you can unlock Delivery NPCs in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Unlock Custom Delivery NPCs in Final Fantasy XIV

There are currently seven Custom Delivery NPCs that you can unlock. Before you can unlock any of the Custom Delivery NPCs you will need a level 60 Disciple of the Hand or Disciple of the Land job and to have completed the Go West, Craftsman quest. Once you have those requirements completed you will be able to accept the Arms Wide Open quest and begin unlocking the Custom Delivery NPCs

Zhole Aliaphoh

This is the first NPC that you will run into when unlocking Custom Deliveries. Unlocking this NPC is quite simple as Zhole will become available to deliver when you complete the Arms Wide Open quest. In order to access Zhole’s delivery menu, you will need to be using a crafter or gatherer job that is level 55. You can find Zhole in Idyllshire (X:4.6 Y:6.7).

M’naago Rahz

M’naago Rahz is the next NPC you will be able to unlock. In order to unlock her, you will need to have completed the Main Scenario Quest Return of the Bull and the side quest Reach Long and Prosper. With both of those quests complete, you will be able to accept the None Forgotten, None Forsaken quests from Galiena in Rhalgr’s Reach, the completion of this quest will allow you to complete deliveries for M’naago Rahz. You can find M’naago in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:14.6 Y:9.4).


If you want to unlock Kurenai you will need to unlock M’naago’s custom deliveries. You will also need to complete the side quest The Two Princesses of Sui-no-Sato. Once you have completed this ques you will be able to accept and complete The Seaweed Is Always Greener from Kojin Hireling in Kugane. Once you complete that quest you can access Kurenai’s custom deliveries by talking to her in Tamamizu (X:28.5, Y:15.2).


To unlock Adkiragh’s Custom Deliveries, you don’t need to unlock any of the previous custom delivery NPCs. To unlock Adkiragh you need to have completed the Stormblood Main Scenario Quest. You will also need to complete the Arms Wide Open and Purbol Rain sidequests. Once you have all of those completed you can accept and complete the Between a Rock and the Hard Place sidequest from Geimlona in Idyllshire. That will unlock Adkiragh’s custom deliveries and you can find them in Idyllshire (X:4.9, Y:6.6).


To unlock Kai-Shirr’s Custom Deliveries you will just need to complete a few quests. You will need Main Scenario Quest Moving Forward and the sidequest The Boutique Always Wins before being able to unlock Kai-Shirr. With those quests completed, you will gain access to and should complete the sidequest Oh, Beehive Yourself, you can accept this quest from Kai-Shirr and he can be found in Eulmore (X:11.7 Y:11.7). With that completed you will be able to access Kai-Shirr’s custom deliveries menu.

Ehll Tou

Ehll Tou’s is one of the few custom delivery NPCs that you don’t need to complete a Main Scenario Quest to unlock aside from the general custom delivery requirements. to unlock Ehll Tou’s custom deliveries you will need to have completed the sidequest If Songs Had Wings and Go West, Craftsman. With those quests completed, you will be able to accept and complete the quest O Crafter, My Crafter. This quest is given by Ehll Tou and he can be found at The Firmament (X:13.5 Y:11.2). After you complete this quest you will be able to complete custom deliveries for Ehll Tou.


Charlemend once again requires no Main Scenario Quest to be completed to unlock his custom deliveries. All you need to complete for Charlemend is the sidequests Smiles Cross the Sky, The Brume Lifts, and Go West, Craftsman. with those completed you will need to accept and complete the sidequest You Can Count on It from Francel in The Firmament. After you complete that quest you can complete deliveries for Charlemend in The Firmament at The Abacus (x:9.4, y:8.7).

Ameliance Leveilleur

Ameliance is the final custom delivery NPC that you can unlock currently and will require you to complete both a Main Scenario Quest and a sidequest before you can gain access to her. To unlock her quest you will need to complete the Enwalker Main Scenario Quest and the Go West, Craftsman sidequest. with those completed, you can accept the Of Mothers and Merchants quest from the Well-Dressed Attendant in Old Sharlayan. After that quest is completed you can complete custom deliveries for Ameliance at Old Sharlayan (X: 12.6, Y: 9.7).

Those are all of the custom delivery NPCs in Final Fantasy XIV currently. Since their requests only refresh once a week. This means you can take a break from farming poetics to trade for Gil and get some scrips that can be traded for crafting and gathering gear. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy XIV make sure to check out our other guides.


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