FFXIV Mini Cactpot Strategy Guide

Are you trying to work out a strategy for the FFXIV Mini Cactpot?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XIV has plenty of activities for you to take part in within the Gold Saucer and I tend to spend a lot of time there myself for the enjoyment found in events such as GATEs.

However, Mini-Cactpot is always something worth taking a crack at each day for some extra MGP Golden Saucer cash.

You will be able to find the Mini-Cactpot at X: 5.2, and Y: 6.5 in Entrance Square so it is very easy to locate. This article will take you through everything you need to know and how to win Mini Cactpot in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Win Mini Cactpot in Final Fantasy XIV

You will have to pay 10 MGP to play the minigame but that is barely any MGP in the grand scheme of things. I recommend playing for all three Mini Cactpot tickets you can get in the day as it is simple to make back everything you’ve spent. The main rule of the game is that you get to choose three extra spaces to reveal on top of one already shown to you at the beginning.

You have to then select a row that will add up all of the numbers in that row selected to give you a “sum” of numbers. For example, if you get 5, 8, and 9 in a row you will get 144 MGP in return as the sum equals 22.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You will want to either aim for a row of 1, 2, 3 which would result in the max payout of 10,000 MGP, or 7, 8, 9 where you would get 3600 MGP instead. I highly recommend starting with revealing the middle space first if you haven’t already had it revealed. This is because there are four rows that intersect with the center giving you a better chance for one of the two best sums at the end.

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When you have revealed the middle, move onto one of the corners to choose (also a great starting reveal) then you can opt for either a random space after that or the end of a specific row.

  • Mini-Cactpot-1-2-3-in-Final-Fantasy-XIV
  • Mini-Cactpot-Payout-in-Final-Fantasy-XIV

As shown above, in one of my Mini-Cactpots I followed the same strategy as above and revealed the middle, then a corner, then the end of that row and got the highest amount possible. Since it is absolutely random there is no guarantee of a definite solution but using this method has always worked greatly in my favor for the Mini-Cactpot.

You will also be spending a lot of time at the Mini-Cactpot if you want the “High Roller” title which involves you also having to get 1,000,000 MGP from the minigame.

Are There Any Free Solvers for Final Fantasy XIV Mini Cactpot

Yes, there are and the “FFXIV Cactpot Solver” tends to be the most frequently used. I personally don’t utilize the solver at all as I have found using the strategy above to be the most effective for the three tickets but the solver acts in a similar vein. The solver calculates a lot of math and probability to assist in your selection.

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However, it can be useful for anyone who would like an extra helping hand with the Mini-Cactpot. Now that you know how to win the Mini-Cactpot in Final Fantasy XIV you can make your way back to the Gold Saucer and try it for yourself — best of luck!

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2023

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