FFXIV: Where and how you get Pandaemonium Gear

How to have the best of the best for the next raid tier.

by J.T. Isenhour


With the Heavensturn update right around the corner, many Final Fantasy XIV players are trying to finish getting their raid gear from the current normal tier of raids. To many Final Fantasy XIV raiders, these raids are nothing more than a Trial. This is why they are looking forward to the release of the next raid tier with the Heavensturns update. Of course, the best way to be ready for the next tier of raids is to acquire the raid gear for the previous tier. In this case, it would be the normal Pandaemonium raid gear. Let’s go over what you need to get your own set of raid gear.

How to get Raid Gear from Pandaemonium

Unlike Alliance Raids, you will not just be handed a piece of gear to roll on at the end of the fight. When completing one of the Pandaemonium raids, eight pieces of loot will drop. These pieces are called unsung gear, each item corresponds to a different set piece of the raid gear. you can only get one piece of unsung gear from each stage of the raid per week. Currently, four stages are in the game so you can only get four pieces of unsung gear per week. Make sure you plan on what pieces you need to pick up as you will need different amounts of unsung gear to trade for each piece of actual gear.


Once you have enough pieces of unsung gear to trade you can head over to Radz-at-Han. Once there you will need to look for the Pandaemonium relic exchange vendor. at the vendor, you can select which class you want to acquire raid gear for and trade in your unsung gear for wearable pieces. the price for each piece is as follows:

  • 2 pieces for headwear
  • 4 pieces for a chestplate
  • 2 pieces for bracers
  • 4 pieces for pants
  • 2 pieces for boots
  • 1 piece for each accessory

So for example, if you wanted to get a pair of boots for a tank class you would need to have 2 pieces of unsung boots. With the current stages of the raid available, you can get at least one piece of gear per week. If you complete a raid and a piece of unsung gear you were looking for does not drop, just pass on all the gear and run that raid fight again. As long as you don’t claim any item you will be able to roll on an item when running it a second time. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy XIV, make sure to check out our other guides.



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