FFXVI Minotaur Hunt Location: Where to Find Sekhret in Greensheaves

Learn where to find Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Sekhret Location Final Fantasy 16
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Notorious Marks are a side activity in Final Fantasy 16, where the player can get rare crafting materials and a large sum of experience points and renown. These hunts can be challenging to locate, as the Hunt Board only gives you a little information. Sekhret, a Minatour, is one of the more challenging ones to find, so we have you covered with its whereabouts. This guide will cover the exact location of Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16.

Sekhret Minotaur Hunt Location in Final Fantasy 16

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Notorious Mark Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16 can be found by fast-traveling to Martha’s Rest on the world map. From Martha’s rest, head out of the north entrance and make your way west to the edge of the map. You will find Sekhret wandering around in circles in the small open field. Check out the image below for his exact location (where my yellow marker lies).

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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How to Beat Sekhret in Final Fantasy 16

Considering Sekhret is only a rank B Notorious Mark, he is a relatively easy fight to win. Still, he has some moves you should look for to increase your chances of winning. First, Sekhret has a charge attack similar to other Minatours you will find in the game, except he does it twice in a row — so be prepared to dodge when he does so.

Next, when Sekhret reaches half HP, he will execute combo attacks that can deal a large amount of damage, almost draining half your health bar. For this part, keep your distance and take the time to read its combos and attack when you find that the time is appropriate.

After his combos, he gives you plenty of time to unleash your Eikon abilities on him for serious damage. When he breaks back into his combos, be prepared to dodge and wait for the right time to attack again.

Once you defeat Sekhret, you will be rewarded with 8200 Gil and 20 Renown. Take the renown back to Patron’s Whisper in the hideaway to see if you have any rewards available to collect.

- This article was updated on July 26th, 2023

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