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FIFA 19 How to Aim Shots

Get your aim dialed in for accurate shots on goal in FIFA 19.

by William Schwartz


Aiming your shot in FIFA 19 can take a little getting used to as the mechanics have changed since last year’s game. There are now some new ways to get better accuracy on your shots with the Timed Finisher mechanic, but you can also just do you plain old shots that you used to do in FIFA 18.

Aiming on regular shots is pretty similar to last year, you’ll be using the Left Thumbstick to aim your shots as you are taking them. Since you’ll be controlling your player with the Left Thumbstick as well, it’s important to note that aiming is done with slight presses towards the direction that you want the shot to go, just before you strike the ball.

If you’re having trouble with aiming shots in FIFA 19, you can also use the trainer tool in the game. The Trainer will allow you to see the elevation and direction of your shots as you are taking them with an arrow. Here you can get a feel for how much and how little you’ll want to press the Left Thumbstick when adjusting your direction and elevation of a shot.

In most instances, you’re going to want to shoot for the corners of the goal in FIFA 19 for your best chances of scoring to do this, press toward the corner that you want to shoot at with the Left Thumbstick. If you are playing on the side view cam this will either be up or down on the thumbstick. You can then also change your elevation by using the Left Thumbstick as well.

If you’re going for even more accuracy try using a combination of these aiming techniques and the new Timed Shots mechanic which requires you to press the shoot button a second time right before you’re about to strike the ball. You can also try a Finesse Shot, which will sacrifice some power for a bit more accuracy by pressing RB + B (Xbox) or R1 + Circle (PlayStation).

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