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FIFA 20: How To Aim Shots

Better your chances at scoring goals.

by Dean James


Scoring is rarely an easy thing in the FIFA series, with many of the games being very low scoring. This makes taking advantage of shots when you have opportunities all the more important as a result. There are multiple ways to shoot in the game, but you can also aim your shot to elevate your chances of scoring a goal. This guide will explain how exactly you can aim your shot in FIFA 20 to get an advantage on the pitch.

Pressing Circle on PS4, or the respective button on other platforms, will perform a regular shot, with its power depending on how long you hold the button. However, there are other factors involved as well that can affect how accurate your shot is.

First of all is the direction of your shot, which can be altered with the left analog stick. This can be a bit difficult as you’re already using that stick to control your direction as you head towards the goal, so when you start to shoot, move the analog stick at that point just a little in the direction you want and it will help give you a bit of an advantage. The best tactic here is to try and go for the edges of the goal, as the goalkeeper will have to reach the furthest to stop those kicks and give you the best chance of scoring.

On top of direction, you also have the tactic of elevation that you can take advantage of when shooting. This is where the aforementioned power actually comes into play. If you just tap the Circle button, you will barely kick the ball, something that should only be used when you fake out the goalkeeper and need a quick tap instead of a strong strike. Holding it longer will cause the ball to elevate higher, perhaps to where you can get it just above the goalkeepers reach. However, you have to be careful here, as holding it too long will also cause it to sail way above the goalpost.

Even though the in-game Trainer does not have mechanics chosen, the direction arrow should be on by default unless you start messing with the settings. This will show you both the direction left and right, as well as up and down, which can really help you with the timing of your shots to get the best aim. Mixing this in with say the Finesse Shot that focuses more on accuracy as well can really help you get the ball past the goalkeeper and put some points on the board in FIFA 20.

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