FIFA 23 Shooting Guide: How to Shoot More Goals

Score more goals!

by Noah Nelson


Shooting and scoring in FIFA 23 is easier said than done. The way shooting works in FIFA 23 has changed dramatically from previous entries, so you’ll want to know how best to shoot your shots in FIFA 23. Even if you have the best strikers in FIFA 23 on your team, you’ll still need to master shooting. Here is your guide to shooting in FIFA 23.

Shooting in FIFA 23

If you want to score more goals in FIFA 23, you’ll need to learn more than the clever fake shot skill. Let’s get into how to shoot better and score more goals in FIFA 23.

How to Shoot Low Shots in FIFA 23

In FIFA 22, low shots, or shots that stay low to the ground, worked by pressing L1, R1, and circle. In FIFA 23, low shots are achieved by shooting with the power bar at or below 40%. This works with power shots and finesse shots, but now the power bar controls the height of the shot.

The best time to use a low shot is when you are 1v1 with the goalie inside the box. Using a low show means you won’t miss your shot and you can catch the goalie off guard.

How to Shoot Power Shots in FIFA 23

Power shots in FIFA 23 are performed like low shots used to. So, to perform a power shot in FIFA 23 all you need to do is hold L1, R1, and circle at the same time.

Use a power shot when there isn’t a lot of pressure on you as it does take some time to wind up the shot. Power shots are also best used outside of the box. Also, your aim needs to be precise as power shots have less aim assist.

How to Shoot Semi Shots in FIFA 23

Semi shots are new in FIFA 23 and require much more accuracy and control. You do have to turn them on in the Controller Settings at the Shot Assistance tab. Semi shots are any regular shots on goal. They now require you to aim with the left stick and have a higher chance of missing if you’re slightly off.

Semi shots are best used inside the box. If you want to nail your semi shots every time, practice aiming your left analog stick right at the goalie.

How to Shoot an Outside of Foot Shot in FIFA 23

You can now shoot an outside of foot shot in FIFA 23. You can also use this technique to pass as well. To perform an outside the foot shot, simply hold down L2 while shooting.

A well placed outside of foot shot can really throw off the goalie, so use it whenever you have a clear angle at the goal. Especially if one side of the goal is more open than the other, use the outside of foot shot to confuse the opposition.

And those are just some of the best ways to shoot more goals in FIFA 23. You can also perform a finesse shot, chip shot, and headers, but all of those shots have stayed the same from previous games. For more FIFA 23 content like aiming tips to really nail every shot, visit our FIFA 23 page for the latest and greatest.

FIFA 23 is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Google Stadia.

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