Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Can You Change Outfits?

Not in the traditional sense.

by Dean James

There are many different characters that have been around throughout the Final Fantasy series over the years, but it’s hard to argue that there are more iconic designs than those found in Final Fantasy VII. From Cloud’s leather outfit to Tifa’s tanktop and leather skirt, these characters are very well known and were recreated exceptionally well in the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4. Some minor alterations were made here and there, but the overall look remains the same. Certain entries since the original have allowed characters to change outfits, which may have you wondering can you change outfits in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Can You Change Outfits?

There’s kind of two answers to this question, as technically you cannot change your outfits in the game. There is no point in the game where you can enter the menu and change the clothes that Barret or anybody else is wearing. However, that is not to say that there isn’t a point in the game where multiple characters end up in different outfits for a little bit.

This comes during the Don Corneo storyline found in Chapter 9, where Tifa ends up in a bad situation and Cloud and Aerith have to save her. Each of Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith can end up in one of three different additional costumes in this chapter too, though not in the traditional sense.

Rather than actually unlocking costumes, the costume changes here are story centric, with three different ones available for each character. These are dependent on special conditions from prior to the costume reveals in the game though, which you can read more about in this guide here.

That isn’t to say that these costumes are only shown off in cutscenes though. While they are only briefly used, you do get to control the different characters for a short period of time in them, including walking the street as Aerith.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023