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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – How To Beat Ramuh

Use some strategy to take down this challenge.

by Dean James


Summons have always played a major part in the Final Fantasy series over the years, with there being so many different ones out there. Often times, you end up having to take on the summons themselves at some point and that is the case once again in the new Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade DLC titled Intermission. This DLC stars Yuffie and has a virtual simulation where you have to take on the very tough Ramuh and this guide will tell you what you will need to do to take him down.

How To Beat Ramuh

Ramuh can be a tough battle, but is manageable. Yuffie’s starting level is 25 in this DLC, so it might be worth waiting until you level up some before taking on Ramuh, but it is possible at level 25. Definitely make sure to equip the HP Up Materia on Yuffie if you grabbed it earlier, as well as any others. The Steal Materia that is equipped by default won’t help you at all in this battle, so feel free to swap it out for something else as well. Some of the items from the Free Item Pack DLC can also help here.

His weakness is to Wind, so make sure to equip the Aero spell if you found it prior or use the Elemental Ninjutsu ability and throw your shuriken and change to the Wind element for extra damage. Synergizing with Sonon can also help here, so use that wisely. Ramuh will any Thunder attacks and is especially resistant to both Fire and Ice, so definitely don’t us anything elemental related to them against him.

He will constantly be using lightning to try to not only damage you, but also to stun you and leave you open to attack. This starts with his Levin Arrows attack, where he will throw bolts of lightning at you and try to stun you. He will then usually follow that up with Voltaic Lance, which is a long bolt with the aim of stunning you, so you need to try and dodge at the last minute to avoid this one. His Thunderous Orbs attack can also be done at range, as he sends some orbs of thunder right at you and need to be avoided. He also has Lightning Strike, which will hit one area and then keep going right after you, which means you really need to stay on the move until this is over.

Ramuh will try to warp towards you and use attacks like Luminouse Falchion, where he will swing a sword at you three times, so even get away from him or try to guard against it. When Ramuh tries to make things much more up close and personal, watch out for his Charged Current attack. You can tell this is coming when the attack name shows up on the screen, so try to get as far away from him as you can quickly to avoid this one.

Eventually, Ramuh will summon three orbs of lightning around him that will multiply if they are not destroyed. You can attack these like any other target, so try to take them out, which also helps to increase the Pressure gauge on Ramuh as well that cold lead to staggering him.

During this time, he has some other attacks he tries, including Circuitous Belt where he shoots three long lasers that try to hit you. You can either get as far away to avoid this or guard the incoming attack to survive. He also has an additional close range move this phase known as Spark Flail, where he’ll try to hit you up close with his lightning, which is very hard to avoid.

Lastly, Ramuh has his strongest move saved for last, his Limit Break attack Judgement Bolt, which can deal a ton of damage. When you think it’s about to happen, make sure to heal up so that you can survive it. If you have low health, you will have no chance of surviving this attack at all. You may want to equip Yuffie with the Superstar Belt from the Free Item DLC pack here, as it will leave Yuffie at 1 HP from this attack if her health is low, rather than dying outright.

Before too long, you should be able to take Ramuh down with a little practice and learning of his patterns. Just keep trying and you’ll have the Ramuh summon Materia in hand before long.

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