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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – How To Get 50,000 Points In Shinra Box Buster Soldier

Will need to master Basic Training first to unlock Soldier.

by Dean James


The base game of Final Fantasy VII Remake had its own box destroying mini-game with Cloud near the Sector 7 Slums, and now the new Intermission DLC as part of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade changes the location and changes it up completely. This time you will find Shinra Box Buster within Shinra HQ while playing as Yuffie in the Intermission DLC. At first, you’ll only have the Basic Training difficulty option, which you will have to score 20,000 to unlock what is known as Soldier level. The Soldier level is much harder to where you have to destroy all boxes to get the 50,000 points required to get all items, so we have created this guide to help you accomplish this difficult task.

How To Get 50,000 Points In Shinra Box Buster Soldier

Just like the Basic Training version of Shinra Box Buster, there are three tiers or prizes you can earn by reaching certain point milestones. 10,000 points will reward you with an orb of Magnify materia, 30,000 points will reward you with an orb of Gil Up materia, and 50,000 will reward you with an orb of EXP Up Materia. To get the top level of 50,000 points though, you will have to destroy every single box this time around.

The gameplay is the exact same as with Soldier, with the orange boxes being worth 100 and more vulnerable to physical attacks and the purple boxes being worth 200 and more vulnerable to ranged attacks with your shuriken. Hitting the red boxes will add 10 precious seconds to your time as well. The white boxes are also worth 1,500 and can be taken out quickest by sticking your shuriken in it by hitting triangle and then using your Windstorm ability. You also should the same tactic of throwing your shuriken at a box and then pressing triangle to quickly move to that spot to save time.

The above video will give a full breakdown of where every box can be found and a good path to take to destroy them all, but we’ll go in-depth on a few spots of importance since there’s no room for error compared to the Basic Training one. At the very start of the Soldier level, make sure to look to your right and destroy the two purple boxes and a red box to start with a ranged attack before you start going down the forward hallway.

Keep making your way forward through the next few weeks taking out everything as quickly as possible. When you eventually reach a ramp going up with two white boxes on it, don’t forget to get the somewhat hidden white box to the right as well that isn’t in plain sight. Then when you come across the stacks of colored boxes together in the next room, don’t be afraid to stick your shuriken in one and use Windstorm to help yourself out here.

Once you get to the final room, you should almost be home free if you have enough time. Do not try to take down the white boxes here individually or even a few at a time with Windstorm. Instead, we’re going to be using another ability to make sure to have at least half of your ATB meter full and move to the middle of the room with the white boxes. From there, use Banishment III to wipe out the room. This is a move you’re going to have to either have the correct weapon equipped to use or have previously reached the level of proficiency where you can use it otherwise. Lastly, make sure not to miss the few boxes in the areas with barriers moving left and right to try and block your shuriken. Once they are gone, you should have reached 50,000 points.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and the Intermission DLC are available exclusively for PS5. Make sure to check out our review and other guides related to the game to get the full experience out of the new release.

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