Final Fantasy XIV – How to Get Gysahl Greens

by Kenny Keelan

One of the better things about Final Fantasy XIV is the fact that you can have a Companion with you almost everywhere you go in the game. Coming in the form of your Company Chocobo, your Companion follows you around and helps you in battle when not participating in a Duty and when you’re not in certain locations. You don’t summon your companion through an ability like you would a Minion but rather through the use of an item: Gysahl Greens. Unfortunately, though, your Companion can only be summoned by using this item and can only be with you for thirty minutes after summoning. Having your Companion with you is a big part of questing alone in Final Fantasy XIV so having a good stock of Gysahl Greens at all times is very important, not to mention that they’re also an important part of raising and training your Companion as well.

How to Get Gysahl Greens in Final Fantasy XIV

Thankfully, getting Gysahl Greens is fairly easy, as you can purchase them from a wide variety of vendors, and if you or your Free Company owns a property, you can grow and harvest them, as well. Today, let’s go through the different methods by which you can get yourself some Gysahl Greens!

Growing and Harvesting Gysahl Greens

In order to grow and harvest Gysahl Greens, you’re going to need two things: Gysahl Greens Seeds and a plot to plant them in. You can get seeds through many means: if you have some levels in the Botanist job, you can get them through Intercrossing, by having two types of plants next to one another in your plot; you can also get them through your closest Market Board, as well, in case you either don’t have the levels to get them through the Botanist job or if you want to get them quicker and you don’t mind spending a little gil to get them. If you’re already experienced with Botanist abilities then you’re already fairly familiar with what to do with the seeds but if you’re unfamiliar, the easiest way to find a plot is through player or Free Company housing, most of which usually contains a plot of some size.

Once you have everything together, you plant the seeds and water them over time like you would any other crop. They will be ready to harvest once they’ve bloomed and will cycle just like any other plant. This method requires a bit of an investment and preparation that not everyone will have available to them but once you have everything in order, it’s very reliable and much more cost-efficient.


Purchasing Gysahl Greens

If you’re like a great number of players, you don’t have ready access to a plot and levels in the Botanist job, which means growing your own Gysahl Greens is right out of the question. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you are unable to get Gysahl Greens as there are multiple sources for you to purchase them. While this would require a bit of constant investment in order to keep your stock high, if you’re doing daily Duties often, you’ll likely be able to stay well above the amount it would constantly require, no matter how you would get them.

Nearly every activity hub will have a merchant that you can go to, to get Gysahl Greens. However, one of the most efficient, reliable, and easiest ways to get them en masse is to purchase them at a Market Board. Since they’re so easy to get, the prices don’t often fluctuate very highly all that often, and oftentimes, depending on the server you’re on, they are cheaper than they are at the vendors. Frequently, you can get a maximum stack for fairly cheap, and unless you’re crafting items for training chocobos all the time, you’re not likely to go through them enough to require doing this method that often, especially if you get multiple max stacks at once.

Managing your Gysahl Greens stock is a great way to teach yourself inventory management and efficiency and also give you some goals so that way you can get these items more easily and more reliably. It’s one of the first things you can do once you get your Company Chocobo early on in the game, so jump right on that as quickly as you can! While we’re talking about food for the birds, check out our article on the new cookbook that will be coming soon featuring food items from the game!