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Final Fantasy XIV – How to Get Parasol Action, How to Get Umbrella

Unlock this stylish accessory by assisting the Ishgardian Restoration.

by Brandon Adams


A parasol will keep you dry on a rainy day, or add a stylistic flair to your glamour, and with the new Final Fantasy XIV action you can have one of your own. Like anything in Final Fantasy XIV it will require some work to acquire, and in this case it will come down to your gathering and crafting efforts.

The parasol can be purchased from the Ishgardian Restoration scrip vendor.

If you have been ignoring your gatherers and crafters in Final Fantasy XIV then I have bad news for you: you will need them if you wish to equip yourself with a fancy new umbrella. The parasol is locked within the Ishgardian Restoration activity, and if you want to purchase the item you will need to contribute. Unlocking the activity requires you have completed the “Litany of Peace” MSQ quest from Heavensward and have a battle class at 60, so if you haven’t quite completed The Dragonsong War arc in Heavensward you will need to do so. A full guide for unlocking the Ishgardian Restoration is located here, but it isn’t cosmic once you have cleared the requirements.

Once the activity has been fully unlocked you have two ways to earn scrips for the parasol. The first method is to check with Potkin and see what crafted items are needed. If you have a crafter at least at level 10 their tab will be accessible, and you simply have to look at what is listed there. Each item will have a scrip reward next to it, and the higher level the craft the better the rewards (or, to be blunt, you’ll want to actively level your crafter to earn scrips faster). These recipes will require a range of materials, but the majority come from the new Diadem for gatherers.


Which, brings me to the second method: go to the Diadem with a gatherer and harvest materials until your eyes bleed. This is the easiest way to earn scrips, but also the slowest at lower levels. There is a bonus to this method, however: you can use these mats on your crafter to fulfill order requests for more scrips.

If you combine the two methods you’ll level both your gatherer and crafter rapidly, and find yourself swimming in scrips. You need 1800 to purchase the parasol, which may seem daunting at first, but I have a final bit of good news if you had no desire to level a crafter or gatherer in Final Fantasy XIV: Ishgardian Restoration levels these classes up with insane ease, so obtaining the parasol will not be as painful as you imagine. Just keep after it, and you’ll have the requisite amount of scrips in no time. You can also try your luck with the Kupo of Fortune tickets, or buy it from the market board, but scrips will remain the easiest way to gain a parasol/umbrella.

- This article was updated on:March 12th, 2020

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