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Final Fantasy XIV – How to Unlock Qitari Beast Tribe Quests

A beast tribe tailored to gatherers for a change.

by Brandon Adams


While Final Fantasy XIV has added numerous beast tribes for players to assist over the years, they are usually tailored to either combat or crafting classes. In patch 5.2, however, the new Qitari beast tribe needs assistance from gatherers. Oh yeah, time for my botanist to shine!

The Qitari beast tribe is unlocked after completing some of the MSQ and a handful of side quests.

In order to assist the Qitari beast tribe you will first need to complete the Bearing With It main scenario quest from the core Shadowbringers campaign (essentially the Rak’tika plot-line), and the Protectors of the Wood side quest. This is where things may get sticky for you: the side quest is only accessible after completing two different side quest chains, though you may have already finished the first stage of each, assuming you can fly in Rak’tika.

The two side quest chains start with The Great Deceiver and Stand on Ceremony. As of this patch their entire chain will have the blue plus-sign quest tag, making it clear they unlock something. Follow these chains until you finish Protectors of the Wood. By the way, if you haven’t grabbed the Great Serpent of Ronka minion yet then you will after finishing Protectors of the Wood. These side quests also have quest sync, for those of you still leveling a combat class in the 70s.

Once Protectors of the Wood and Bearing With It are completed you will find a Concerned Mother in Slitherbough offering the quest The Stewards of Note, and you can only talk to her if you have a Disciple of the Land class at level 70 or higher. If you haven’t been leveling any gatherers then I’d recommend starting with either the Ishgardian Restoration for your Miner or Botanist, or Ocean Fishing for your Fisher. Once you get one of those three classes to 70 return to Slitherbough to unlock the Qitari beast tribe.

After completing The Stewards of Note you will be able to grind out the Qitari beast tribe’s quests and rank them up. There will be a few quests that require you to agree with one or two NPCs, but these choices will not affect the rewards at the end. Any materials requested during these quests are unique to this beast tribe, and can only be acquired during their quests. Furthermore, the materials required will not be in the gathering or fishing logs, but the Duty List.

Pair this with Ocean Fishing and I may just get my Fisher to max level this expansion. That’ll be a first.

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