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Final Fantasy XIV – How to Unlock Sapphire Weapon Fight, Where to Unlock the Sorrow of Werlyt

Gaius's "Destroy the Weapons" grand tour continues.

by Brandon Adams


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3 is finally here, and with it comes the next part of The Sorrow of Werlyt storyline, “Sleep Now in Sapphire“. This isn’t the longest addition, granted, but it’s worth checking out nonetheless (especially if you enjoy mecha battles). You’ll first need to clear the normal version of the Ruby Weapon trial and its associated quest, “Ruby Doomsday” before “Sleep Now in Sapphire” becomes available.

The Sapphire Weapon fight is unlocked in The Lochs from the Resistance Officer.

Gaius van Baelsar has his hands full, what with his adopted children creating the Weapons from Final Fantasy VII and all. Turns out another threat has arisen he needs your assistance with, so head to The Lochs and speak with the Resistance Officer (X:11.3 Y:22.5) to kick off the next chapter of The Sorrow of Werlyt. Yes, it is time to take down Sapphire Weapon.

This portion of the story isn’t as involved as the Patch 5.2 chapter, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its moments. I’m avoiding spoilers the best I can (outside this being the Sapphire Weapon fight, cause that’s pretty much advertised on the tin), but if you watched the “Reflections in Crystal” patch trailer then you probably have a good idea what to expect. If you haven’t seen the trailer I recommend avoiding it and going into “Sleep Now in Sapphire” blind. Hell, I advise skipping the trailer altogether: it’s one giant spoiler reel. Seriously, what’s with Square and spoiler trailers recently?

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